Ok so this new warframe called Valkyr just came out, and the only ones who have it are those who bought it. I had a good deal of plat saved up so I just decided why not, and picked her up. Anyways despite negative reviews I enjoyed the frame and here's why.

Ripline-This skill is good for damage and utitility. The damage is dependent on where you hit I believe and maybe who, but I once saw 1350 pop up on a grineer lancer which is pretty good, considering I don't have focus equipped. I believe that is more damage than mags crush or rhino stomp before power strenght mods(correct me if I'm wrong). It also has good utiltity and can help you cross a gap or get to a fallen ally.

Warcry-This is a solid buff skill for valkyr. Use it and enemies slow down while you and your teams melee speed increases. I havn't tried it yet but I'm sure this would stack well with rhinos roar. This would allow your team to hit faster and heavier while enemies are slowed down. Obviously your team needs to be comfortable with melee in order for it to be useful. When I use frames like banshee melee is the least thing that I use. But overall it's a good buff, it costs 75 energy but it's worth it in my opinion.

Paralysis-Sacrifice half of your shields and cast a shockwave that damages and stuns enemies. Half of your shields might be gone, but it's only 5 energy, making it very spammable. This skill though represents high-risk high-reward. The casting area is small so make sure there isn't a bunch of enemies too far away from you. This would work well on infested if you want to open some room, but for grineer or corpus they hang back, so if you miss you lose half of your shields and you have enemies firing at you. And with 50 base shields you can't afford to make mistakes.

Hysteria-This is Valkyrs golden move. Cast it and you can only melee with your fists(large energy spikes shoot out of her fists, which looks pretty sick), but you're invincible. I maxxed it out and tried it without focus and on average it seemed to do around 400 damage per hit. Jump attacks have good radius and did around 250 or so. So decent damage. The hits are also fast and every few hits in the combo produces aoe like paralysis, so you're not taking on one target at a time, like you would with the furax. I've been told steel charge affects damage, sadly I lack that mod so I can't confirm it, and I've heard rumors that melee weapons might affect it once again I'm not sure that's just specualtion right now. The greatest thing about this skill are the crits. I soloed Io defense on jupiter just to test the skill and I was getting crits up to about 9000 to 10,000 damage. I'm not sure if it's dependent on enemies, weapon's, etc, but that's insane for any skill. Also the skill does last for a good while without continuation. I didn't time it, but it felt like it was about 10 sec or so at max rank. I'll go in and time it later and give an actual idea for that. Also when you get close to an enemy they glow your energy color, that means that you need to kill them before the skill runs out or if they're in that area you take damage that you took during the skill. I used this skill on low levels so I never really ran into it much, but with that kind of damage and how long it lasts it's not hard to clear the field and if you're in a group hopefully they're helping you clean house and not staring in awe lol.

Now as far as build I'm still working on her, however after using her I see a similar build to what players use for blessing builds on trinity. Hysteria grants invincibility which is great, continuation increases the duration so that is a given. I would also use power effenicy mods so that you can spam it. If you want more effiency you can add fleeting experise, but I would add constitution to offset the loss of power duration. By doing any of this alongside continuation, you can turn on god mode forever. Very similar to the old rhino and trinity now. If you plan on using her other skills though I wouldn't reccomend this. While war cry would last longer, paralysis has a small range and it would need stretch to have viable range. Her other skills are also more focused on stretch and power strength.

As far as the issue of 50 base shields, if you focus on hysteria that will mean nothing. This frame also has 200 armor, which is 50 more than rhino or frost. Steel fiber would even better this. This game in the past either had health or shield tanks. Valkyr is the first armor based tank, and I find that pretty cool, use a maxxed rejuvenation and you're health will replenish also.

Overall I enjoy this frame, not one of my favorites, but still good nonetheless. That is my opinion on her. If you agree cool, if not I like hearing other opinions just be intelligent, give good reasons, and don't be rude about it. Hopefully for those of you wondering what she is like it will answer some of your questions. If you ever want to run a mission with me to get a glimpse at her my ign is Primox.

Good luck everyone and happy hunting space ninjas.

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