• IGN:Immune

    Nekros is one of my favourite warframes in the game.

    I've played him a lot since he was released, but sometimes it gets boring to spam Desecrate.

    So here I've got an alternative for you.

    This build was made for fun and will require 2 shiny formas: added aura polarity to increase overall mod capacity and V for primed continuity and 1 shiny golden potatoe for sure :) I've played few raids with this Nekros build aswell and had a lot of success with it.

    Aura slot - Corrosive projection if you face armored targets like grineer or corrupted; Energy siphon if you are playing against corpus or infested.


    Shield of shadows - core mod for this build, augment which allows you to become way more tanky, than you are used to be as Nekros.

    Soul Survivor…

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