Nekros is one of my favourite warframes in the game.

I've played him a lot since he was released, but sometimes it gets boring to spam Desecrate.

So here I've got an alternative for you.


This build was made for fun and will require 2 shiny formas: added aura polarity to increase overall mod capacity and V for primed continuity and 1 shiny golden potatoe for sure :) I've played few raids with this Nekros build aswell and had a lot of success with it.

Aura slot - Corrosive projection if you face armored targets like grineer or corrupted; Energy siphon if you are playing against corpus or infested.


Shield of shadows - core mod for this build, augment which allows you to become way more tanky, than you are used to be as Nekros.

Soul Survivor - allows you to isntantly revive you fallen ally, which can be very useful in raids.


Blind Rage 5/10 + Transient Fortitude 10/10 - gives me a lot of power strength (+109.0%) to summon 15 shadows from Shadows Of The Dead ability. Why do I need so many? Because 15 is what you need to reach maximum damage reduction from Shield of shadows augment at 90%(15x6).

Primed Continuity -  this build needs a lot of duration to let your clones live longer.

Vitality - boosts your hp and suvivability.

Streamline - removes negative effect of blind rage, so your skills will have regular energy costs. // "primed streamline" - the dream.

Constitution - my favourite mod for every duration based build, that allows you to get recovery animation from handspring. Great utility and survivability tool. You can always swap it for natural talent, if you feel that you to cast skills faster, but you will lose some duration.

Why no narrow minded? I wish I could use it, but there is no space to balance it with stretch, so range reduction wont be so huge, even if Shield of shadows has base 50 meter link range, it will hurt your capability to use Soul Survivor augment, which I love so much in this build. For example, soul survivor helps to get downed ally during stage 2 if he stands on the button, or during stage 3, where you can revive allies from huge range aswell. If we had 2 more warframe slots or augment slots...

Warframe stats here:

Warframe stats


And Don't underestimate the power of Soul Survivor augment. But if you dont like it, there are always options:


As you could guess, this build has way different playstyle. Most of the time you will  be trying to find brave souls for your shadow army. Yes, forget about desecrate in this build :D

There are 2 different ways how you can achieve that:

  1. Bring a gun that has strong AOE like Tonkor and kill a lot of weak mobs.
  2. Focus on killing VIP targets like Heavy Gunners and Bombards.

After you've killed 15+ mobs, best way is to find a cover and cast your Shadows Of The Dead. By finding a cover I mean to hug the closest wall, since you most certanly will take few shots from enemies if you won't do that. And because your shadows live for 46 seconds, it allows you to find souls for the next cast.

There are also few tips and tricks about shadows of the dead (taken from Shadows Of The Dead wiki page):

  • Shadow copies are taken from the last 20 enemies you have gotten killing blows on; teammate, sentinel, and your shadows' kills do not count. Once a specific enemy has been copied it is removed from your "recently-killed" list. The game does not remember any kills past your 20th.
  • When using weapons with Syndicate mods, or weapons with built in syndicate effects, the radial blast will count as your kills, which will overwrite any current ones. When singling out heavy or special units, keep this in mind on lower levels as the radial blast could kill several enemies and ruin any specific shadows you wish to resurrect.
  • Shadow Toxic Ancients' will provide nearby allies with toxin resistance, Ancient Disrupters will provide magnetic resistance (and perhaps aura resistance), and Ancient Healers will grant nearby allies heavy damage reduction.
  • Corrupted Ancient Healers will instead pulse health at 100 per pulse

Personal opinion

This is overall very fun build to play for Nekros, not what people expect from you, when they see, that you have Nekros equipped :D Though, I would not recommend it to new players, since it requiers a lot of effort to build it this way: 1 maxed primed mod and maxed Transient Fortitude will take a lot of time for you to get.

Hopefully you guys like it :) Feel free to discuss, I would love to do some more builds and theorycraft later :)

P.s. This is my first blog post

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