I See Connections

aka Chris

  • I live in North Carolina
  • I was born on November 25
  • I am Male
  • I See Connections

    A Warframe Sprint Speed Calculation


                This is to determine the fastest possible speed in the game, as of Update 18, Hotfix


    • ·         Rush – additive to base sprint speed, +30%
    • ·         Armored Agility – additive to base sprint speed, +15%
    • ·         Speed Drift – additive to base sprint speed, +12%
    • ·         Sprint Boost (Aura) – additive to base sprint speed, +10%. Stacks with other players for +40% when all four use it.
    • ·         Coaction Drift – gives +15% to player’s equipped aura, and +15% to the effects of auras of other players. For instance, if rejuvenation were in play, and you were using energy siphon, your energy siphon would function at +0.7 (+.69) rather than +0.6, and the rejuvenation you receive from the other …
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