I'd like to see some more information fo other, less functional things here on the wiki, and I'd add them myself if it weren't for two problems (1; I don't know the source for it. 2; When I did edits that were 100% true information in clearly written grammer on the NFS: MW wikia, which the information was obtained from the actual lead designer of the game first hand, and I was temp IP banned for "gibberish".)

What I'm basically getting at is backstorys. For example, the Warframe wikia has no information (to my extent) on the fact that it was the original concept to the game Dark Sector. Could someone make an article regarding that, and look up whether or not the story betwwen Dark Sector and Warframe are somehow linked?

Not to mention some things regarding minor things that can completely change one's experience for Warframe, *cough *cough* color correction, would also be a nice tidbit. (In all honesty, I've never seen such intense color correction in a game, and I'm happy it can be turned off.)

That is all. And expect me to be making a lot of blogs on  a variety of popular wikias, as I can be a pretty nice resource at times. For example, why does the wikia not say how the infested ancients are weak in the legs? No seriously, they take more damage in the legs. Try it out.

Anyways, peace!

Ideal Logic

P.S. This is my first blog post, so don't go criticism happy, or really harsh. If I caused any offense, or broken any rules/protocols/guidelines/etc., please just inform me in a calm and civilized manner either through the comments or by private means of communication.

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