• Ilazak

    Endless Beta (or just me)

    January 23, 2014 by Ilazak

    To start things off, I love Warframe, I'm mastery rank 10, and still going strong. I don't find this game boring (often), and I play this game for FUN.

    Recently, I watched STAR_'s newest video, where he talks about this new game he likes, and blah blah, CONFIRMED RELEASE DATE.

    That really got me thinking, since Warframe is in "Beta", but how much of a beta is this? They've already launched to PS4, and honestly I dunno, I totally agree there could be more (with my own blasphemous ideas).

    This isn't going to be a text wall, I just wanna ask you guys, what do you think about how Warframe is going, the whole idea of it being in "beta", and prediction of release date maybe?

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  • Ilazak

    Mastery Tests

    January 1, 2014 by Ilazak

    So, as a lot of us know, the Rank 14 test is an absolute joke. "This will be your hardest test yet". Sure. But, there are things that they could do to make it actually a challenge, such as...

    - Increasing the enemies' levels

    - Removing ALL mods and Auras equipped to your loadout (of course it's only for the test)

    - Make certain conditions, such as something found in a Nightmare gamemode (ie no shields)

    This is just my opinion, please don't hate. I'd also appreciate if you guys would put down some of your own ideas.

    Now, this is the next thing I want to say. Before I start, I FULLY understand that this could be abusable, nethertheless I'd love to have the option to re-do Mastery Tests for fun. Just like how we can do the tutorial, I really alway…

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