DE has been good with what they have made, I have put many inceredible hours into this game, and yet, cannot help but want it to expand. They recently reworked Ceres into the grineer shipyards, that little nugget of change was nothing, and got old pretty fast, and with the dark sectors, it was pretty nice, but all I see in them now is the Eclipse Alliance holding out the entire system.

What I envision is that they expand into a new solar system, maybe the origin system of the Infested, or *gasp* A new Race??!!

Also, a little diffrenciation in the actual environment of missions would be fantastic, one I've really wanted for a long time is during ship battles, they be a lot more big and open, and at one point or another (or perhaps for the whole mission) the artifical gravity completely shut off. and have a no-gravity shoot out. And I undersstand that in nightmare modes, there are some low-gravity missions, but that doesnt make too much of a difference, I want people flying everywhere with limited control shooting at each other.

These are just a few little idea's I've had, and I know that most of it has already been mentioned by others, but I just thought I'd put out my opinions and ideas, and your's would be greatly appriciated.

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