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  • Imargam

    Best Wiki

    July 19, 2013 by Imargam

    Just want to let you know that with this day 19.07.2013 Warframe is the best Wiki in the World.
    This would never have happened without our great Warframe community. Yes without all of you. People who are so involved in making our wiki a better place :)

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  • Imargam

    Grineer Deployments

    July 4, 2013 by Imargam





    Edit: Thanks to CWhiteblade


    Glorious news, our new surveillance droids are being deployed as we speak. Central control will now be able to monitor the location of every Tenno operative in the system. Any attempts to tamper with the drones will be thwarted by their sophisticated defense systems.

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  • Imargam

    Hyena bugged?

    June 13, 2013 by Imargam

    Quote from Hyena page, removed by me.

    "There is currently an issue with his drop rates, with many players reporting only common and research materials dropping after defeating him. Loki blueprints, control modules, and mods are not currently dropping after defeating him, making it impossible to build Loki."

    Hyena loot, first try today:                                                                  Control Module, 3rd run. 3rd!

    What's my secret? DON'T RUSH!

    What i'll say now might not be true, so please do not treat it as a confirmed fact but i somehow feel that the game rewards me for not rushing and punishes me if i do. Some people says they made like 50+ runs and get nothing. I'm 100% sure they were rushing. You're desperate so you rush. I…

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  • Imargam

    Warframe Facts!

    June 11, 2013 by Imargam

    1. Ember used to be a guy with Phoenix helmet as a default.

    2. There is an easter egg with dead warframe.

    3. Big white square on Jackals arena floor is an elevator removed in Update 6.

    4. Nyx has Excaliburs body (with some extra attachments :3).

    5. Hostage used to shoot.

    6. Warframes do not always know how to wall run.

    7. Grineer and Corpus has their own alphabet.

    8. There used to be a secondary objective where you had to find a keypass.

    9. Lotus is voiced by Rebecca Ford, Warframe Community Manager.

    10. Grineer looks all the same because they're clones.

    11. The guy from Cryopod is how hostage used to look like.

    12. Tyl Regors mask is upside down.

    13. You can't shoot with bows while ziplining.

    14. Shockwave MOA was green once due to devs mistake.

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  • Imargam

    Mag Prime?

    June 9, 2013 by Imargam

    Looks like mag prime is on her way :)
    If anyone's interested, in our poll about Female Prime the winner is Nyx. Poll

    EDIT: It's only new helmet! Phew!

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