Hello there. I'm at the beginning of my researches about experience mechanics. Something about why there is a bonus at the end or why i'm getting more exp with party even if i kill the same ammount of mobs in solo. I'm also creating a graph of weapon\warframe experience, something similar to mastery rank but for weapon and warframe as i said. I've already came across some problems. Firstly there is a lot of work trying to get as close as possible to new lvl which means i have sometimes make 2 or 3 runs killing just 1 mob because there is no mark saying "you need 200 exp to lvl X". Secondly you can check your mastery rank with no problem but when it comes to weapon you have to check it at general statistics and as i noticed, it doesn't always updates right after you finish map OH NOOOOO, so when i get new lvl i have to make 1 more run with no kills at all. Man that's a lot of running... Anyways wish me patience and i hope you'll appreciate my work


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