Quote from Hyena page, removed by me.

"There is currently an issue with his drop rates, with many players reporting only common and research materials dropping after defeating him. Loki blueprints, control modules, and mods are not currently dropping after defeating him, making it impossible to build Loki."

Hyena loot, first try today:                                                                  Control Module, 3rd run. 3rd!

Hyena Loot
Control Module 3rd run

What's my secret? DON'T RUSH!

What i'll say now might not be true, so please do not treat it as a confirmed fact but i somehow feel that the game rewards me for not rushing and punishes me if i do. Some people says they made like 50+ runs and get nothing. I'm 100% sure they were rushing. You're desperate so you rush. I can understand that but as you can see it's possible so take my advice and take your time while doing mission. I'm really trying to help all of you, believe me, so instead of rushing, try to kill every enemy on your way, open every locker, destroy all cameras and containers and just have fun! That's all.

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