Hello Imargam here. I want to close the topic of sprint speed once for all so i made another research. As you might or might not know the height of wallrun depends on sprint speed so theoretically you can see how fast warframe is just by running on the wall. I used sprint speed mod to increase the differences between warframes and make it easier to spot. You can't shoot while wallruning so i was spamming trigger and the moment when the rifle give a shot was a point when the actual run has ended and the flash on the wall marked the height. Since the wallrun peak was marked by a shot the beginning had to be marked by a shot also because without it i could start to measure the height for example from the feets which whould be wrong (i'd had one extra meter of not an actual wallrun which would ruin my proportions)

This is how i marked the start:

Wallrun start

And these are the results (i don't have Nyx and Banshee, i'll add as soon as i get them)

Wallrun names

As you can see i managed to get good grouping :)

Now combine it and add some measure (in pixels)

Warframes wall run heights

Now the calculations. Most of the warframes are in the middle group so i assume that is the "normal" speed (speed 1.0) so all calculations will be based on that group. I'll round the outcome to remove mistakes with measuring.

Frost and Rhino:

228 : 283 = 0.805 ~ 0.8


256 : 283 = 0.904 ~ 0.9




392 : 283 = 1.385 ~ 1.4


458 : 283 = 1.618 ~1.6

Personally i think that's the best what we can get without asking devs for the actual stats so i'll add this at warframes since we don't have anything better now.