• Inqui11

    Upcoming weaponary?

    November 30, 2013 by Inqui11

    Greetings Tenno.

    Inquizitor here.

    I am not sure, someone might noticed this, someone not. DE made again new weaponary (probably),that is not yet available, along with many mods, like Retrieved Content. I dont think so, that they made new weapon models just for fun.

    When i was checking new look of clan tech research labs, i noticed something interesting. If your clan have research labs, go check on your own. In corpus labs can be seen three new transparent models of weapons. 

    2 very heavy looking-like weapons and in middle is some kind of minigun. What do you think? It would be pretty cool replacement of gorgon and supra.

    In addition, i have seen another "easter egg" in grinner research lab.Looks like Acrid with different barell. Post your sugg…

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