Greetings Tenno.

Inquizitor here.

I am not sure, someone might noticed this, someone not. DE made again new weaponary (probably),that is not yet available, along with many mods, like Retrieved Content. I dont think so, that they made new weapon models just for fun.

Upcoming weapons3

When i was checking new look of clan tech research labs, i noticed something interesting. If your clan have research labs, go check on your own. In corpus labs can be seen three new transparent models of weapons. 

2 very heavy looking-like weapons and in middle is some kind of minigun. What do you think? It would be pretty cool replacement of gorgon and supra.

Upcoming weapons4
Upcoming weapons2
Upcoming weapons1
In addition, i have seen another "easter egg" in grinner research lab.Looks like Acrid with different barell. Post your suggestion, any useful informations are well appreciated.Farewell Tenno.Inquizitor

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