I know full well this post will get trolled to pieces within five seconds, but I feel like I have to make it anyway...

I just (regrettably) read through the most recent comments on the page for the Operation Sling-Stone Event, just to see what people thought about it, and it has come to my attention that a large portion of Warframe's community is composed of insufferable, self-entitled, ungrateful whiners who complain about anything and everything the developers do to try and make Warframe more fun (and more functional).

Before you take this as a personal affront, I want to point out that I'm talking strictly about this aforementioned "large portion" and not you as a player, not the majority, or the community as a whole. I'm just getting the feeling that a lot of gamers care nothing about how much hard work goes into creating software, especially online games like Warframe. It's as if they lack the capacity to be appreciative, even when the developers go out of their way to create an entertaining experience for them with things like weekend events, livestreams, and platinum giveaways. Even when players haven't been asked to pay a single cent to participate in it. Even as new content is being released, old content is being fixed, and the developers sacrifice sleep to serve them, these players are shouting "FASTER!!", and things like "DE sucks!". Why do we feel the need to pressure them so? They are working on it. And if they're not, it's probably because it hasn't been brought to their attention. Can we honestly expect perfection from a human-made product? From a free product, at that? Not a chance. The game is still in beta, for God's sake--if you're going to gripe about unpolished gameplay, at least do it after the beta.

This isn't just with Warframe. I see so many gamers complaining, all the time. Buff this, nerf that, give us this, give us that, and give it NOW. Have they even considered for a fraction of a second how dejected software developers feel when you constantly pressure them, rush their work, and then insult it relentlessly when it comes out?

If you are one of these people, if you really care about making Warframe a better game, please show some compassion, and instead of posting hateful comments on Wiki pages, bring your questions and concerns to the official forums in a respectful, constructive manner.

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