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    Hello!. I’m IvanDoomy. I’ve been playing Warframe for quite a while and since I have a basic experience around the game itself I decided to come to the Wiki and fix/add missing stuff (Since I’ve been in other wikis before).

    I’m going to talk about the Codex in-game. There’s A LOT of missing things in here. Outdated textures (Corpus Tech),outdated entry pictures (Trooper), plain animations(Sprag and Ven'kra Tel). I decided to make a topic of this since...It’s really awful to just see the enemy with an outdated texture and then in-game its completely fine.

    Before talking about the missing content in the Enemy Codex, I’ll suggest some changes that may help with the administration of the Codex.

    The enemy codex should have this optional tabs for e…

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