Hello!. I’m IvanDoomy. I’ve been playing Warframe for quite a while and since I have a basic experience around the game itself I decided to come to the Wiki and fix/add missing stuff (Since I’ve been in other wikis before).

I’m going to talk about the Codex in-game. There’s A LOT of missing things in here. Outdated textures (Corpus Tech),outdated entry pictures (Trooper), plain animations(Sprag and Ven'kra Tel). I decided to make a topic of this since...It’s really awful to just see the enemy with an outdated texture and then in-game its completely fine.

Before talking about the missing content in the Enemy Codex, I’ll suggest some changes that may help with the administration of the Codex.

The enemy codex should have this optional tabs for each faction (All, Grineer, Corpus, Wild and Orokin):

(Suggested by BradTheImpaler) >> Show Lore or Stats: The stats and lore are currently merged into one entry (Ember Prime and Rhino Prime) with the additionof missing lore in some of them (Rhino Prime has the lore but Rhino doesn't. While Ember and Ember Prime do have the lore in both). >>Show ranged enemies (For example Lancer, Sniper Crewman, Corrupted Bombard, etc.).

>>Show melee enemies (Prodman, Manic, Crawler, etc.).

>>Show all airborne enemies (Mutalist Osprey, Councilour Vay Hek, Orokin Drone, etc.).

>>Only Bosses (Including assassins and Infested Mesa/Chroma).

>>Only Eximus (This does not include the Prosecutor).

>>By planet (Arid Butcher in Phobos, Anti Moa in Jupiter, Brood Mother in Eris, etc.).

>>Enemy Type (Light, Medium, Heavy, Crewman, Ospreys, MOAs, Drones, Archwing, Utility, Crawler, Runner, Machine and Ancient ).

>>All of this should go by faction: For example.

Go to All faction --> Select Only Bosses --> Shows all the bosses.

Go to Corpus faction --> Select By planet --> Separates the enemies in different tabs.

Go to Grineer faction --> Select Enemy Type --> All enemies get separated in the different enemy types.

Also, add a search tab to...y’know, find the enemy you’re looking for instead of scrolling all day, missing it every single time.

Let’s start with the general fixes to the in-game Codex.

WARNING: This contains a lot of nitpicking...Well, I’m sure you realised that by now..With dat title.


Add to the codex:

Corpus Crewman: (Crewman with red and yellow color, similar to Tech).

The Bek’s crewmen (At least I call them like that) are the ones that spawn out of portals in the Grineer Galleon in Invasion missions. They wield Deras like normal crewman and always spawn at level 15 no matter the level of said node.

I decided to call them Bek crewmen since they have the same color pattern as Frohd Bek’s jumpsuit (From the few times we were able to see Bek...).

There’s also a Grineer Lancer that wield Grakatas and spawn out of pods in the Corpus Ship on Invasion missions as well. They don’t seem any different from the common Lancer...So maybe making both the same entry?

Note: The rooms where they appear are behind light-green doors aka. Dead ends.

2°Note: The “Bek” crewman also appears in the Infested Ships on Eris, both as death crewmen and as the ones trying to crawl out of the infested tissue.

Corpus Walker: It looks like regular, green MOAs but they have the Shockwave Stomp ability of a Shockwave MOA. These appear on the Infested Ship on Eris from the floor thingy (Like the ones that appear at the Corpus Gas City on Jupiter) in a room that has a lot of Jackals, MOA and Anti MOAs troops around. Maybe they are not supposed to spawn like that type of MOA, I don’t know.

<Friendly Shockwave MOA: Add this variation to the Codex (the one that spawn with blue strains out of the MOA cabinets). Including the Eximi type too.

Latcher: Since there’s a codex entry for the Maggot (Enemy spawned by the Brood Mother), why not one for the latcher.

Infested Spawn Pod: The ones deployed by the Boiler.

Fixes to the Codex:

All of the Frontier Grineer using the Desert Cammo textures in their weapons.

Attack Drone to Attack Drone (Fusion MOA): To differ from the ones on Archwing missions and Corrupted.

  • Also add a description: Deployed from Fusion MOAs when they are at low health.

Bombard: Update picture and codex appearance. Using old texture/model.

Commander: Update picture and codex appearance. Using old texture/model.

Corpus Tech: Update picture and codex appearance. Using old texture/model.

Detron Crewman: <--Needs to actually be named like that...

Elite Frontier Lancer: Update picture. He’s seen wielding the Hind instead of the Karak.

Frontier Heavy Gunner: Update picture and codex appearance. Using old texture/model.

Frontier Trooper/Normal Trooper: Update picture. He’s seen wielding the Strun instead of the Sobek.

Heavy Gunner: Update picture and codex appearance. Using old texture/model (Some parts of his armor seem to be textured like the ones of the Ballista).

Hellion: Update picture. It shares the same picture with the Lancer-Eximus.

Hellion Power Carrier: Same as above.

Infested Mesa: Update picture. It’s the same as Mesa’s (Warframe Codex) Codex.

Napalm: Update picture and codex appearance. Using old texture/model.

Guardsman Eximus: Change the name to Prosecutor and remove the duplicated entry.

Sgt. Nef Anyo: Repeated mods (Reflex Coil).

Ven'kra Tel and Sprag: Give zem more movement. They are just standing there like statues (This happens with a lot of other codex entries).


Add to the Codex:

Arc Trap.

Cryogenic Exploding Barrel (Grey Corpus Barrel). </p>

Corpus System.

Grineer System.

Heat Generator.

Large Grineer Exploding Barrel.

Orokin System.

Reactor Core.

Sensor Bar.

Warframe Cryopods.

Fixes to the Codex:

Your scanned entries (Kubrow Den) appear in the Codex as not scanned, even if the scan is fully complete (20/20 and green when you try to scan it).

Explosive Barrel: Change it to Corpus Exploding Barrel.

Merge Toxin Injector: There’s a Toxin Injector on the common sabotaje mission on Earth that counts to the one in the codex and then another that can appear in any mission, giving a completely different scan.

Move the Arcane Machine to this section.

That's all, I'll add more if you suggest any missing stuff in here.

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