Decided to make a fanction story here since I love Warframe A LOT due to it being fun and reminding me of Mass Effect (mainly gameplay). Here's a fan fic story. Jackalex13 (talk) 13:43, April 11, 2014 (UTC)Jackalex13

Warframe: A Ghost From The Past 


Centuries ago, a war began to spread throughout the Solar System. The Grineer, lead by vicious tyrants of clone ancestry who plan to control the System with an iron fist. The Corpus, powerful yet greedy, are a conglomeration of commerical and industrial interests that focus only on the acquisation of ancient Orokin artifacts and selling to only the highest bidders. Sometimes, the artifacts are used for research and sometimes as weapons . Then there's the worst of the two factions. The Infested, born from the Technocyte Plague, are a race of monstrous creatures that are determined to seek the destruction of the Solar System and spread the Plague all over the galaxy. The war has been going on for so long but fortunately, hope came. Awaken from deep slumber and stepping into a hostile world, there came the Tenno. Guardians of the galaxy. Though mysterious and unable to trace back to their past, the Tenno are a highly superior faction, equipped with deadly powers and dangerous arsenal as well as wielding an armored suit called Warframe. As of now, there are a total of 20 Warframes that are known to us. 

For years, the Tenno have watched over us and ridding the system filled with dangerous threats. Those who were in slumber were found and rescued by members of the Tenno and put into clans. Unfortunately, only one was never found and we have no information whatsoever about that Tenno. 

Chapter 1: 

In a dark room with one active light lit, there was a cryostasis pod. Broken and rusted. Inside contained a mysterious figure with armor stronger than any material in the system. The pod opened and the figure fell onto the ground and began to breath heavily. He moved his left and right in a quick fashion and got up slowly. He moved his head down and stared at his hands. He stopped breathing heavily and turned his body around to see a door that shows sign of it being functional. He walks toward it and the door immediately opens, revealing to the figure a bright room with weapons scattered across the floors and decayed Grineer corpses. The figure was unmoved by the corpses and continued walking. On the walls, there was a Skana stuck onto a wall and the figure inspects the blade.

He then pulls it out, sheaths it and continued walking. As he climbs the wall, he hears a noise from his right. A conversation was going on between two Grineer grunts. The figure walks towards the grunts and quickly kills them with his Skana. Realizing the Grineer are near, the figure begins to run and find his way out. After going through many different doors, the figure runs into a room filled with Grineer troops. The troops immediately notice the figure and started shooting at him on sight. Skillfully, the figure avoids the gunfire without getting hit and stays in cover. With a quick decision, the figure jumps out from cover, unsheathes his skana and slams the blade onto the floor, releasing a wave of spears that impales the troops to the walls. The figure continued to run foward, only to face another large squadron of Grineer troops. Suddenly, blue/black arrows appeared out of nowhere and out came a warrior, wielding a dual bladed staff. "Orthos" the figure thought to himself. The warrior skillfully slashes at the Grineer troops, cutting them into pieces as if their armor was made of soft rubber.

Another warrior appeared, a female wielding a bow and a scythe. She wore the same armor as the figure though the colours were different. Her armor was full red with black highlights and her helmet was of different design. The troops were dispatched and the two warriors walk toward the figure. "Hello, fellow Tenno." The male warrior said in a calm tone. He was wearing what appeared to be a Frost warframe with full on white colour with blue highlights added. "We found your location here on Mercury by following a long forgotten message. The Lotus picked up just not too long ago and sent me and Kia to extract you from here. It's nice seeing another Tenno wielding the Excalibur Warframe. I'm Reeno and you are?" The figure attemps to remember his name and in a matter of seconds, whispers it. "Kaydin. My Kaydin." Kia, the female Excalibur, immediately tells Reeno that they must go. Reeno nods and the trio then began to leave the area to the extraction point. 

After getting onto a ship, Kaydin sits down and rests. "Where are you" Kaydin asks. Reeno replies "My clan. We saw you fight the large squadron with radial javelin with only a skana. Figure you would be a valuable ally to us." Kia immediately exclaims "Valuable!? He couldn't face another squadron! When I was merely 15, I fought against 6 squads with only my Kama!". Kaydin looks at Kia and says "When I was 15, I fought and infestation with only my fists...Alone. I took down Kal Grivus, an assassination target from Corpus, with only a skana. I survived 2 weeks on Earth when I was 18 and I was only with 4 Tennos. Jorgun wielded the Rhino Warframe, Sirah wielded the Nyx Warframe, Angila wielded the Mag Warframe and Sholin wielded the Ash Warframe. I only used Excalibur in my entire life." Reeno sits down next to Kaydin and says "Those names...they died 20 years ago. Jorgun and Sholin sacrificed themselves to save their fellow members. Sirah was killed by a feared enemy...the Stalker." 

"I know. I was there to witness my old friend's deaths. The Stalker fled before I had the chance to kill him. What of Angila?" Reeno looks down on the floor and says: "Angila...Angila died from giving birth to her child. A strong and healthy child. We have no information of her father but it was said that he died from the Infested." Kaydin places his hand on his chest and whispers Angila's name. "What of her child? Where is he or she?" Reeno turns his head to Kia. Kia crossed her arms and says angrily: "You HAD to mention. You just had to. Why do I have to be reminded of my mother's death?" Kaydin stands up and puts his hand on Kia's shoulder. "Kia, I am so sorry. She was a wonderful person and a powerful Tenno. She'd be proud of you if she was alive." Kia immediately slaps Kaydin's hand away and coldy says "Hands off." Kaydin slowly backs away. nods at Kia and sits back down. "Kaydin, since you did not know, your fellow friends were remembered as heroes due to their actions in the past. Our fellow Tennos were unable determine your status so we labeled you as 'deceased'. You were remembered as "The Warrior of Balance." Said Reeno. Kaydin sighs and says "Now I am a ghost from the past." Reeno replies "Yes you are." Kia then interrupts the two's conversation and says that they are almost at the Clan Dojo. Kaydin nods at this and thinks to himself how many people can remember him as soon as he enters the Dojo. 

Chapter 2: 

When Kaydin looked out, he could see the Clan Dojo floating peacefully in space. "How long did your clan stay alive?" Kaydin asks. Reeno walks towards Kaydin and looks out at the window. "Long enough. 20 years ago, 3 clans were invaded by the Grineer forces. 2980 Tennos were killed or captured and those survive fled. My clan was able to find the survivors and we took them in. 22 clans are still intact and thankfully, no attacks from the Grineer. You will be surprised when you see my clan." "How and why?" Reeno puts his hands behind his back and says "The Lotus is with us." Kaydin, though unable to show, was very surprised. The ship started to land and the doors were opened. Kia was the first to jump out, then Reeno and then Kaydin. They went to the elevator and Kia presses the up button. The elevator goes up and Reeno enthusiastically says "You are the first Tenno to arrive at at this dojo since the last 18 years. It is also an honor to save the man that lead the 4 legendary Tenno warriors." "Thank you." Kaydin says. Kia shakes her head as if she was annoyed. 

The elevator opened and Kaydin was amazed. The hallway was clean, elegant and decorated with memorials with pictures of 4 fallen Tennos. Kaydin recognizes the photos. It was his old friends. Jorgun with his orange coloured Rhino with black highlights, Sholin in his green coloured Ash, Sirah in her multicoloured Nyx and then there was Angila. Her Mag had the same exact colours as Kia's. At the end of the hallway stood out a large picture of a Tenno wielding the Excalibur Warframe. Black coloured with red highlights. Reeno puts his hand on Kaydin's shoulder and says "There's you." Kaydin nodded and walks towards Jorgun's memorial. He stares at the memorial for a while and lets out a sigh. He turns his head to the right and looks at Sholin's memorial. "I miss you, brother." Kaydin whispered sadly. He then kneels on the floor and unsheathes his skana. Kaydin places the blade on the memorial and he then clenches his fist and moves his hand to his chest and gently pounds it twice. Kia goes to Kaydin and says "I take it you and him were close." Kaydin turns his head to Kia and replies "Sholin was my brother. Of course we were close. He was the only family member I got left. Now that he's gone...I'm unsure what my future holds." Kia nods and says "Well I am an orphan so I guess we got something in common." 

Reeno was at the end of the hallway and says out loud "Kaydin, I believe you should meet the Lotus now." Kia and Kaydin then start to walk towards the end of the hallway and when the door opened, there was a crowd of Tennos talking, trading and having fun. "Where can I find the Lotus?" Kaydin asks. Reeno points in the north direction. "Walk straight, turn right and you will see the Lotus symbol on the door. Only 5 Tennos were allowed to meet the Lotus face to face. Keep that in mind." 

Chapter 3: 

"Only 5 met the Lotus in person?" Kaydin said to himself as he makes way to the Lotus. He remembered when the Lotus guided his team in their missions. Giving them information and alerting them of any problems. Kaydin stops and looks at a door that bears the Lotus's symbol. Suddenly, a small round hovering droid appears from the wall and scans Kaydin. The scanning colour was bright blue and the droid starts fly around Kaydin while scanning him. The scanning colour turns green and the door opens. The door reveals a dark room and Kaydin was unable to see anything. "Come, Tenno." A voice said to him. The warrior recognized the voice; It was the Lotus. Kaydin proceeds to go to the Lotus. As Kaydin walks,  the floor turns blue everytime he walks and Kaydin realizes it is a bridge and that the Lotus is at the end. He then continues walking. Reaching the end, a female figure appears before Kaydin. Her back was turned from him and she then says to Kaydin in a calm tone: "It has been too long, Tenno. Too long. Do you remember what happened to yourself?" Kaydin nods. "Yes. I was on a mission with Angila. A dangerous mission in fact. We weren't careful and we set off the alarms as soon as the Grinner saw us. I told Angila to save herself and get extracted but she refused. Though difficult, I was able to convince her and she ran to extraction while I was takened. The Grineer put me in the same pod that all the Tennos slept in. Captain Yigor wanted to do some tests on me which is why I was kept in that pod for the last 20 years. When I awoke, I was in a different location and saw decayed Grineer corpses and a skana sticking out from an impaled Grineer trooper. I believed a Tenno was there but must have gotten killed or survived and lost the blade. In case I forgotten, how is it you found me and sent Reeno and Kia?" The Lotus turns around and says: "Every member of the Tenno can be found anywhere in the Solar System because their Warframes are equipped with a tracker. Yours was deactivated when you were put in a pod and re-activated when you got out. Kia and Reeno were near your location and I informed them about it." 

Kaydin then hugs the Lotus and whispers "Thank you." The Lotus pats his armor and stops hugging Kaydin. "Now that you are here, you are now part of the clan as your previous clan was sadly destroyed by the Grineer. Angila was one of the 20 survivors and as it turns out, she was pregnant." Kaydin nods. "I know that her child is Kia and I know that she is an orphan. Who raised her?" The Lotus smiled and said: "Me. I educated her. Reeno trained Kia into becoming a Tenno." "He's a good man." Kaydin says heartily. The Lotus smiles and says "I have a mission for you. 6 Tennos from this clan were captured and I have just found their location. I suggest you and Kia find them. I recommend you help Kia tone down her personality as she tends to get agitated when not fighting or fails a mission." Kaydin nods and says "Send me their location and I will find them with Kia. It has been an honor meeting you." The Lotus replies "And you as well. I lived for centuries and it is good to meet the Tenno that is known as the 'Warrior of Balance'." Kaydin then leaves the room. 

Chapter 4: 

"I am the 6th Tenno to meet the Lotus in person. I never felt this honoured since I was first given Excalibur." Kaydin tells Reeno happily. Reeno chuckled and pats Kaydin on the shoulder. "Well my friend, enjoy your happiness. I have a strong feeling the Lotus has given you a mission for you, yes?" Kaydin nods and says "6 Tennos disappeared from this clan and the Lotus tasked me to find them and bring them back. Kia will be joining me on this mission." Reeno crosses his arms and says "I wish you the best of luck. You may need to tolerate Kia as she can be...difficult to control. She's strong, brave and confident but reckless just like a Rhino. Excalibur suits her well but since you mastered your Warframe long ago, I suggest you teach her a few tricks about being an Excalibur and that way, she won't be needing to charge towards enemies and me having to revive her several times." "The Lotus told me a similar thing about Kia. I can handle her." Kaydin says confidently. "She'll learn a few tricks." 

Hours later in a lonely station, a Corpus guard is sitting on chair, relaxed and taking a nap. He wakes up after hearing a noise but wasn't bothered to check it out. As he continues to sleep, a Tenno appears behind him and immediately stabs him with a Skana. Quick kill. "Wow he must have had a good nap." Kia said sarcastically. "Quiet, Kia. We do not want to be seen." Said Kaydin. The two quietly make their way through a hallway and Kaydin sees two Corpus guards talking. He takes cover and makes a quick peek at the guards. "Pass me your bow." Kaydin ordered. Kia gives Kaydin her bow and the warrior slowly pulls the string to his head. An arrow quickly goes through one guard's head and pierces the other and the guards fell down on the floor without uttering their last words. "Clean and quiet." Kaydin thought. "I would like my bow back." Kia said angrily. "Shhh. Keep on moving." 

The duo make their through to their destination as the Lotus guides them. Destroying cameras and quietly killing the guards, Kia was slowly learning about the tactics she could use in the future, much to Kaydin's delight. They reach an empty room that is awfully quiet. At the end of the room stood out 6 Corpus designed boards that contain what appeared to be armored people. Kaydin realizes it is the 6 missing Tennos. They were trapped and showed signs of being experimented on. One Tenno's Warframe, an Ash, has missing armor pieces as well as a missing arm. Seeing the 6 Tennos horrified Kaydin and Kia. "Beautiful isn't it?" A robotic voice called out. 

The duo turn around and look up to see what appears to be a Corpus scientist on a catwalk. He was shorter than the Corpus guards, his back hunched and walked in a slow pace. The scientist was not wearing a helmet. Instead, his head was exposed. The skin colour was gray as stone, eyes were yellow and he had a scar reaching down to the left side of his face. "I have been researching about these Warframes for a long time and it fascinates me. I've been using Alad V's research notes and by the Corpus, the Warframes can be used to make powerful droids that can be useful to Corpus. Also, if you are wondering why my voice sounds different, one of those monstrous Tenno filth slashed my vocal cord with a small blade. I survived and in revenge, I had his arm removed." Kia turns her head around and looks at the Tennos. Only the Ash has a missing arm. "YOU MONSTER!" Kia shouts angrily. "Monster?" The scientist replied. "Is Kendon Vo a monster when he is really helping his company help the Solar System and seek peaceful trade? No. That Tenno should have used his brain more carefully. Otherwise, he wouldn't have lost his arm." "I had enough." Kaydin says loudly. He aims Kia's bow at Kendon Vo and fires an arrow that pierces Kendon's shoulder. "Argh!" Kendon exclaims in pain. " that how you want to play? Fine." The mad scientist pulls out a device and presses his thumb onto a button. Corpus turrets appeared out from the walls and Kendon hides in a room where he could see all the fun. The turrets started to aim at the duo and in a blink of an eye, started firing.

Kia and Kaydin took cover and Kaydin gives back Kia's bow to her. He then takes out his modified Lex and starts firing at the turrets. "8 turrets." Kaydin thinks to himself. "Kia, fire at the two middle turrets as quickly as possible. I'll take out the rest." Kia nods and Kaydin takes out another modified Lex. Fully black with blue energy; Kaydin's kind of colour. Kia then quickly takes out the turrets with her bow and her shields absorb minor damage from the other turrets. As her part was done, Kaydin jumps backwards from his cover and skillfully takes out the turrets. Kendon was shocked by the results. Suddenly, Kia comes out cover and fires an arrow to Kendon's other shoulder which impales him to the metal wall. The duo quickly ran up to the catwalks and both look at Kendon attempting to remove the arrow to no avail. "For your crimes against-" Kaydin's talk was interrupted as Kia punches Kendon on the face, breaking his nose. She then grabs him by the neck one-handed and pulls him out of the wall, causing tremendous pain to Kendon. "You deserve a painful death." Kaydin immediately realizes what Kia was about to do. "KIA NO!" Kaydin yelled but it was too late. Kia lifts Kendon up and throws him out of the window as if he was nothing but a cloth. Kendon was several feats away from the duo and was right in front of the 6 Tennos. "We could have captured and interrogated him!" Kaydin yelled furiously. Kia turns her body around and replies "He was a monster. A monster! He sliced off a clan member's arm! Kendon deserved what he got." Kaydin shakes his head in disapproval. 

Hours later, the Tennos arrived back at the Clan Dojo. The 6 Tennos were then brought to the infirmary to be checked and healed. Reeno notices Kia and Kaydin and goes up to them. "You found them. They seem to be in bad shape. Any explainations?" Kaydin did not say a word. He was focused on the floor. "They were tested by the Corpus. One of them lost an arm when he sliced Kendon Vo's vocal chords. It was horrible to see them in that state." Kia said. Reeno was surprised. "Kendon Vo? How?" Kia shrugs. "I'm going to check up on the Tennos. I will see you two tomorrow." Reeno then leaves and goes to the infirmary. Kaydin was able to get over his anger of Kia's actions but still felt Kendon should have been captured. "I'm going to rest. Goodbye Kia." Kia nods. Suddenly, a beep sound was heard. "I got a message." Kia says. When she opens her inbox, she froze in fear and stood still as a statue. Kaydin took notice of this. "Kia?" He says in a concerned tone. Kaydin then walks up to Kia and looks at her inbox. The latest message says "Your actions have consequences." The message was sent by unknown but Kaydin notices a dark figure with red smoke above and around the figure. Horrified, Kaydin whispers "Oh no..."  

Chapter 5: 

The message was enough to send both Kia and Kaydin into a shock. Kia had the worst of it. She stumbled backwards and began to breath heavily as if she was going to give birth. She started to quietly say "No." multiple times. Her voice started to get louder and louder and Kaydin quickly comes to Kia's aid. "Kia, it's OK. You'll be safe. You have me and Reeno." She immediately turned her head to Kaydin. "SAFE!? SAFE!? HOW CAN I BE SAFE!? I HAVE THE DEATHMARK! THE STALKER WILL FIND ME SOON AND KILL ME LIKE HE DID WITH THE OTHER TENNOS!" Reeno appears from the crowd and shouts "What's going on!?". Kaydin briefly looks at Reeno before turning his attention to Kia. "Kia, just calm down." It was slightly impossible for Kia to remain calm. "I CAN'T! THE STALKER IS A RELENTLESS PURSUER!" Reeno places his hand on his helmet and goes to Kia. "You've been marked?" Reeno says calmly. "YES! WHAT DO YOU THINK!" She yelled furiously. Kaydin then says "Kia, the Stalker RARELY appears to hunt us. He hunts at the time where we are caught off-guard. It takes weeks or even months until he finds his target. He's patient but deadly. I survived an encounter before and I know every move from him. You will be safe as long as I am around. Reeno, have you encountered the Stalker before?" Reeno shakes his head and Kaydin sighs. "I'm the only person capable of helping Kia face the Stalker." Kia turns her head to Kaydin, finally calmed and says "Capable? Have you seen his gear before?" Kaydin nods. "He wields 3 deadly weapons. a Scythe called Hate, a bow called Dread and throwing knifes called Despair. Rumors said he wields the Excalibur warframe but his powers are rather unique. He's the master of surprise, much like Loki and Ash." "And how is it you know?" Kia asks. Kaydin proceeds to sigh and place his hand onto the front of his helmet. "Have you listened to anything I said? I fought the Stalker before. He killed my friend, I retaliated by chasing and attacking him. All that failed when he escaped before I was close to deliver the final blow. When the Stalker comes, I will make sure he won't escape." 

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