• Jangofett1010

    This is another thread for some improvements of the Dojo. Right now there are just a few things to do in your Clandojo. Dont missunderstand me. I love the Clandojo and I really like the fact thaht this has been added to the game. I just thought about adding some activities into the dojo.

    What kind of activities did you think about ?

    I have thought about that a lot and I`ll now show you some of the activities I really liked best.

    1.) Duellroom - I know there already is an duellroom,but I would like to see some 3v3 or 5v5 matches between some member of the clan in a big room. With obstacles,crates and even power-ups.

    2.) Interactive Decorations - I know this isnt really an activity but I would like to mention it, too. Some kind of throne for the le…

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  • Jangofett1010

    This is my third blog now and I wanted to intodruce some addition to the barracks thaht have been impleplemented lately.I just wanted to mention thaht isnt my own idea again,I read it in the global chat and I thought this would be a good addition. I should write a blog about thaht. Right now.

    What is the "Barrack V2.0" ?

    As you all know the barracks have been added lately into the game and right now they just uprank the Clan Tier. I had the idea that there could be some kind of arsenal added into this barracks.

    What do you mean with "arsenal" ?

    Maybe you could save layouts of your Warframe and your weapons !


    You have the Warframes Frost and Nova. The mod "Flow" is hard to get so you decide thaht you want to take the mod out of your Warf…

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  • Jangofett1010

    First of all I would like to say that this idea isnt my own idea. A lot of you people posted about this under my last blog and I liked it very much, so I decided to make another blog about this. All credits to you guys.

    What is the "Simulationroom" ?

    The Simulationroom is a big room you could build in your Dojo. There would be a console you could acess (there would be an extra rank for editing this room) and on this console you could design your own missions (like in other games,mostly known in games like "Neverwinter") ! You could create enemys , change their levels , change their weapons , change everything. You could even mod your weapon with mods you actually dont have to test your weapon.You wouldnt recieve any affinity in this rooms th…

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  • Jangofett1010

    There could be a new room added called the "Docking station". In this room there would be a big landing station like we can see in the new Corpus tilesets. Your clan would get a message with a warning that an enemy ship has been sighted.

    After some time (maybe 24 hours) the ship would land inside of the hangar and enemys would attack your Dojo.

    You would have to defend your home against these enemy units. Each Clan tier, the enemys would get stronger.

    Ghost Clan - Level 1-100

    Shadow Clan - Level 100-200

    Storm Clan - Level 200-300

    Mountain Clan - Level 300-400

    Moon Clan - Level 400-500

    (You have to remember thaht in e.g. a Moon Clan there are 1000 Members and all of them would shoot on a level 100 enemy he would be down in one second.)

    If the enemys…

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