This is another thread for some improvements of the Dojo. Right now there are just a few things to do in your Clandojo. Dont missunderstand me. I love the Clandojo and I really like the fact thaht this has been added to the game. I just thought about adding some activities into the dojo.


What kind of activities did you think about ?

I have thought about that a lot and I`ll now show you some of the activities I really liked best.

1.) Duellroom - I know there already is an duellroom,but I would like to see some 3v3 or 5v5 matches between some member of the clan in a big room. With obstacles,crates and even power-ups.

2.) Interactive Decorations - I know this isnt really an activity but I would like to mention it, too. Some kind of throne for the leader of the clan or some training dummies that your warframe would hit. Thaht would be nice.

3.) Level-Up Missions - You probably all know the missions you have to do while your leveling up your mastery rank. What about some missions you could do in your Dojo ? Like "Survive 1 Minute" or "Shoot the flying obstacles down."

4.) Trainingsroom - "Shoot the flying obstacles down." Thats what this is about. You get a weapon in this room and you are able to shoot at the targets. There could also be a leaderbord thaht show who shot the targets fastest.

5.) Dojodefense - Here I want to tell you guys thaht I already have wrote a blog about this Dojodefense.It is also an activity so I thought I`ll write it here, too. If you want to know more about this please read my other blog.

I have enough things in my Dojo. I dont want this.


Got any other activities you want to be added to the game ? Maybe you dont like an idea ?

Let me know in the comments.

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