This is my third blog now and I wanted to intodruce some addition to the barracks thaht have been impleplemented lately.I just wanted to mention thaht isnt my own idea again,I read it in the global chat and I thought this would be a good addition. I should write a blog about thaht. Right now.

Barracks V2.0

What is the "Barrack V2.0" ?

As you all know the barracks have been added lately into the game and right now they just uprank the Clan Tier. I had the idea that there could be some kind of arsenal added into this barracks.

What do you mean with "arsenal" ?

Maybe you could save layouts of your Warframe and your weapons !


You have the Warframes Frost and Nova. The mod "Flow" is hard to get so you decide thaht you want to take the mod out of your Warframe Frost and put it into your Warframe Nova.

Thahts really annoying after a few changes.

If you create a layout in your barracks you can just click one single button and *puff* your Nova has flow now instead of your Frost. Thaht could be done for the weapons, too.

Thahts the only thing you could do in this barrack ?

No. I thought about the pods thaht are in these barracks. Maybe you could save your Warframe in them. They wouldnt do anything special in there but ... it would totally look AWESOME.

Imagine you walk into your Dojo and you would see thousands of pods filled with shiny warframes.

You could also present your weapons to your Clanmembers in there. You could maybe create a holograph of your warframe and equip it with your weapon.Or you could even feature the winner of some Clantournament you just had.

I also thought about stocking your warframe and weapons in there. You could buy warframe or weaponslots for some platinum (It would be cheaper as the normal slots) and stock your items in there.

This room only adds decoration into your Dojo and the Layout-system is just stupid. I dont want thaht.

Why do I have to write this under each of my blogs ? You dont actually have to build this room. You can just build your Dojo without these barracks. But if you want to uprank your Dojo, you have to build these barracks. You dont have to use them though.

What do you think about this feature ? Anything you might want to add ?

Tell me in the comments !

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