Defend your Tenno`s home

There could be a new room added called the "Docking station". In this room there would be a big landing station like we can see in the new Corpus tilesets. Your clan would get a message with a warning that an enemy ship has been sighted.

After some time (maybe 24 hours) the ship would land inside of the hangar and enemys would attack your Dojo.

You would have to defend your home against these enemy units. Each Clan tier, the enemys would get stronger.

Clan Tiers

Ghost Clan - Level 1-100

Shadow Clan - Level 100-200

Storm Clan - Level 200-300

Mountain Clan - Level 300-400

Moon Clan - Level 400-500

(You have to remember thaht in e.g. a Moon Clan there are 1000 Members and all of them would shoot on a level 100 enemy he would be down in one second.)

If the enemys are able to get to your reactor, they can destroy the reactor. Some of the other rooms (like the labortaries) would be offline. You would have to rebuild that reactor first. It could cost 50% of the normal costs.

If the enemys have destroyed every reactor in the base they could attack the vault of your Dojo and steal tons of materials. (The vault is not fully implemented yet,he is already implemented, but you cant pay in any materials.)

You would also be able to build some defense mechanics like tripmines or turrets.


If you are able to defeat these enemies you could get super rare mods or some resources for your Dojo.

What should be implemented?

- Hangar / Docking Station with enemy ships that could land there

- Vault

- Defense-"Decorations" (like sentrys or mines)

- Rewards (There could be a new Warframe thaht could only be available in this way! )

But ... If no one of my Clan is online ,my Clan would get totally destroyed ...

Yeah, I know ... Thahts a big problem I have also thought about.

Your Clan could get totally destroyed, but this "Defending your home" would give some teamwork into the Clans.

Right now its just like:

"I need new weapons lets go into a clan."


"I want to PVP !!!!!!!!!!!!"

And theres is also the 24 hours time I have mentioned where the people can prepare for the attack of the Grineer or Corpus.

Bigger Clans would have a big advantage because they have more people.

No,they wouldnt.

Of course they have more people but the enemies would also get stronger for every man thats in the clan.

I mean of course its easier if you are in a big clan.

But you can also kill the intruders if you are a 10 member clan. They are way easier then.

There could also be a feature added,thaht only a few of these "Defenseturrets" could be build.

(Some of the clans would build like 100000 Turrets in one room and thaht ... wouldnt be nice :o )

But I dont want my Clan to be attacked by Grinner or Corpus.

Yeah. I have thought about thaht.

But you dont have to build a Hangar, right ? If you dont build any hangars there cant be any ships landing.

(You wouldnt recieve the rewards of the enemys though...)

Some other ideas

I also thought about introducing another feature... There could be some kind of "Clanmissions" where you can go with not only 4 of your clanmember but even more onto a ship in your hangar and tell it to fly to e.g. an extremly hard mission where you can get more affinity or more resources. I dont know if this is possible to do but it would be really fun.

// EDIT:

I forgot to mention: There are some new "Alliancefeatures" coming. Thaht would totally fit into this idea. Allianceclans could land with a ship in the hanger and help defending your partners dojo. You would get some resources for thaht and you could also go into the dojo of other clans and maybe research there.

// EDIT 2:

"sor but that idea is bullshit"

"if u want sth like that why not create a different map like the fomarian defense for clans only so each clan has there own 100% bar to work with and then you could think about sth like u mentioned above else it is for me a short thought idea"

Oh God. I really dont know why I even answer to this comment .. but ok.Thanks for your opinion.

Actually ... if I ignore your grammar and your sound of tone ... I really like that idea !

Some weekly events like the Formorian Event for each clan.. Thaht sounds awesome ! You could work with your clanmates together to destroy e.g. an enemy ship to get some materials. Maybe I will make another thread about this.

What do you think about my idea? Do you got any improvements ?

Should this be added to the game ? Let me know in the comments.

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