First of all I would like to say that this idea isnt my own idea. A lot of you people posted about this under my last blog and I liked it very much, so I decided to make another blog about this. All credits to you guys.

What is the "Simulationroom" ?

The Simulationroom is a big room you could build in your Dojo. There would be a console you could acess (there would be an extra rank for editing this room) and on this console you could design your own missions (like in other games,mostly known in games like "Neverwinter") ! You could create enemys , change their levels , change their weapons , change everything. You could even mod your weapon with mods you actually dont have to test your weapon.You wouldnt recieve any affinity in this rooms though.

Wouldnt that be nice?

Why should I build this room? There are some missions out there that give me affinity and rewards !

Yeah. Some of the people said thaht there should be affinity in this room, but I dont agree. If there was affinity in this room you could just give yourself the best weapon ingame with the best mods and strike enemys in there and thaht isnt the idea of this room...

You dont have to build this room! Its just like the parcourroom. Alot of the players dont

What to with this room if I dont get any affinity ?

Why does everyone ask me that ? Thats so obvious.

1.) You could make missions and say to your clan members: "If your are able to finish mission XY you get promoted.) This would allow the leaders to see the level of power of the members.

2.) You could test all weapons and all mods! If cant decide between 2 weapons you can just go into thaht room and test it! (If you dont know if you want for example the Supra or the Flux Rifle.)

3.) Its hell of fun creating your own missions. Maybe you could also create some story (Little windows on the left of the screen like Lotus notifications) thaht tells you something about the past of your clan.

There are much more things you can create in this room. Maybe you could even share your missions you created on the Steam Workshop !

This seems stupid. I dont want that room in my Dojo.

I totally understand this. If you already have all weapons/dont want to test anything you dont need thaht room.

So like I said in my last blog...

You dont have to build this room! Like the parkourroom you CAN build this room,but you dont have to. Some people may find the parcour stupid so they dont have to build it.

What do you think about this idea ? Should this be added to the game ?

Let me know in the comments what you think about this room !

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