So I did a video overview for the 7.7.3 Patch... but youtube keeps taking my 18 minute video that works fine on my computer and cuts it down to 17 seconds of a black screen useless video.... anyways.

Ive been liking doing video guides. But i'm still not used to how stupid peoples criticisims can be...

I basically made a newbie guide on steam, and 2-3 people on there insist on posting against it with information that is meant for players who are leveled up to 25-30... and then they call me stupid for it... *delete*

or people anonymously giving my videos a thumbs down and not saying why. I get you can't please everyone. but jees... its free information that takes hours to put together... if the info is !@#$ing wrong then tell me so i can fix it... people are stupid...

Im working on a fix/update for Rubedo farming since the Devs beat the hell out of the droprates with the banhammer on Lith.

I dont know why they insist on making this stuff so freaking rare. people are going to lose interest in the game by having to grind this stuff. they are really shooting themselves in the foot.

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