• Jozy101


    May 31, 2013 by Jozy101

    Remember that post about the Olympic Synchro team?

    I was being serious.

    Don't ask, it's a swimming thing. For some reason we're doing a synchro unit. Seriously, I wouldn't compile this crap if I didn't have to.

    huehuehuehuehuehue *gets shot again*

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  • Jozy101

    Forma Help

    May 29, 2013 by Jozy101

    So I just got a Forma blueprint from an alert. Current loadout is a rank 30 potatoed Mag, 13 potatoed Gorgon, 12 Bolto, and 30 Dual Ether (please I do NOT want a flame war. I have dual heat swords as well if that makes you people feel better.) I'm thinking about using the Forma on the Gorgon when I get it to rank 30, but should I use it on Mag? The mods I have on her are fine as they are since most of them are maxed out except for Vitality.

    Any suggestions? Should I use it on something else? I'm planning to make a dethcube soon soo...

    EDIT: Apprently, Forma is used in the new clan weapons. I see way to make more moneiz....

    Devs. You sly dogs you.

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  • Jozy101


    May 24, 2013 by Jozy101


    Imagine, an Olympic Synchro team, that used...


    Harlem Shake

    Gangnam Style


    and Call me Maybe.


    • Gets shot*
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  • Jozy101


    May 23, 2013 by Jozy101

    I'm probably going to be hated for this...

    What do you guys think about using proper grammar outside of school? Like in games and stuff? I personally can't stand people who use "text" or whatever to communicate in games. Don't know why. I guess that's what high school does to you...

    And then there's those people who speak in text. Seriously, don't say "lol" in real life.

    I'm a jerk, and I know it. I probably made at least 4 grammatical mistakes just now.

    What are your guys' opinions?

    And just to appease some people, I didn't pay attention in English class because I was laughing too hard at my teacher's pronounciations of Chinese names and places ^^. (It's an integrated class.)

    I'm Chinese.

    And in order to "prove my worth" to some people, I feel t…

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  • Jozy101

    Squad 7

    Prologue, Initiation

    "We've lost her signal sir."


    "We can't locate her. At all. She must have tampered with the tracking-"

    "Whatever, I don't care. Find her."

    "How the hell are we supposed to do that without a-"

    "I. Don't. Care. Find her. Or else. Trust me, if that information gets out, I'll kill you before they get to us."

    "...yes, sir."

    • * * * *

    "Are we gonna have to do this much walking when we get there?" whined Loki. "All this exercise isn't good for my health."

    Excalibur shot a glare at Loki. He just couldn't understand him. Such were rogues, he decided.

    As they headed down the corrider, they were issued standard Mk1-Bratons, Latos, and Skanas. They were well familiar with them, and took them without hesitation.

    A little further do…

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