So I just got a Forma blueprint from an alert. Current loadout is a rank 30 potatoed Mag, 13 potatoed Gorgon, 12 Bolto, and 30 Dual Ether (please I do NOT want a flame war. I have dual heat swords as well if that makes you people feel better.) I'm thinking about using the Forma on the Gorgon when I get it to rank 30, but should I use it on Mag? The mods I have on her are fine as they are since most of them are maxed out except for Vitality.

Any suggestions? Should I use it on something else? I'm planning to make a dethcube soon soo...

EDIT: Apprently, Forma is used in the new clan weapons. I see way to make more moneiz....

Devs. You sly dogs you.

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