I'm probably going to be hated for this...

What do you guys think about using proper grammar outside of school? Like in games and stuff? I personally can't stand people who use "text" or whatever to communicate in games. Don't know why. I guess that's what high school does to you...

And then there's those people who speak in text. Seriously, don't say "lol" in real life.

I'm a jerk, and I know it. I probably made at least 4 grammatical mistakes just now.

What are your guys' opinions?

And just to appease some people, I didn't pay attention in English class because I was laughing too hard at my teacher's pronounciations of Chinese names and places ^^. (It's an integrated class.)

I'm Chinese.

And in order to "prove my worth" to some people, I feel the need to link them this...

Completely off topic, and probably really nooby to do, but please comment on it, and leave suggestions for the next part if you actually read it.

Thank you~

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