Squad #7

"We've lost her signal, sir."

"I don't care. Find her. We cannot afford to have an uprising."

"There's hardly any human being alive! Much less normal ones."

"We are human, and even so, we cannot take the risk. Find her. Or else."

"...yes, sir."

A voice flickered on the speaker. Her name was Lotus, overseer of the Tenno, who are descendants of humans.

"Tenno, you have all worked hard to prepare for this day. The time has come to demonstrate what you have learned. Proceed to the hangar for mission briefing."

"Looks like it's finally happened," said Excalibur. He was a strong, well-built Tenno, as well as the leader of squad #7.

"Good," replied Loki, another member. "Took long enough for her to find one stinking biosignature. Staying here is as boring as watching Rhino lift."

*Grunt*. Rhino didn't say much. His responses were usually limited to grunts and nods.

"Loki, lay off. We've not even left an you're already fighting," said Excalibur. He stole a look at Loki, who was busy mumbling about how the squad would die without him.

Excalibur glanced at there corner where Mag, the only female on their team, was meditating. She was the youngest of all the Tenno on the station. She was silent most of the time, but when she did speak, she spoke words of great knowledge.

She looked back, looking around in bewilderment, as if she sensed him, but finally greeted Excalibur with a friendly nod.

"Squad #7, please report to the launch pad, and prepare for launch," echoed Lotus's voice on the loudspeaker.

"That's us," said Loki, slowly getting up from his prostrate position.

As they went to the launch pad, they were issued MK-1 Bratons, Latos, and Skanas. "Top of the notch manufactured," said the smiling official. Excalibur nodded back.

"I don't like them," said Loki. "No personality," he added with a grunt.

"Glad to see you have your priorities straight," replied Excalibur, as the four boarded the carrier.

So this is a start of a fanfic I might want to do. I'll post more, but first, I would like to see what your guys' opinions are. Feel free to add suggestions.

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