Squad 7

Prologue, Initiation

"We've lost her signal sir."


"We can't locate her. At all. She must have tampered with the tracking-"

"Whatever, I don't care. Find her."

"How the hell are we supposed to do that without a-"

"I. Don't. Care. Find her. Or else. Trust me, if that information gets out, I'll kill you before they get to us."

"...yes, sir."

* * * * *

A voice flickered over the speaker. It was Lotus.

"Tenno, you have worked hard to prepare for this day. Now it's finally happened. Grineer outposts have been detected within the Milky Way Galaxy," she announced.

Excalibur looked up from his crossed-legged position. He was the leader of Squad 7, all rookies, including himself.

"S'bout time we've got this thing going," grinned Loki. "They still haven't fixed the speaker." He laughed at his own remark.

Excalibur wasn't really paying attention to him. He was still contemplating what the message meant. Is he really ready to lead a newbie squad in an intergalactic war?

"Well," said Loki, trying to spark some conversation, "at least we're gonna do something. Staying here is as boring as watching Rhino eat. Actually, that's pretty funny," Loki smirked.

*Grunt.* Rhino doesn't say much. He doesn't talk much for that matter.

Excalibur glared at Loki. How was he supposed to command a group that's already breaking at it's core? "Loki, quiet. I'm thinking."

"A'ight, "prince." You'd guys would be pretty useless without me anyways." Loki lay back down and muttered something beneath his breath.

Excalibur took a quick glance around, and noticed Mag meditating in a corner. Strange, he thought, why didn't I see her here earlier today?

He observed her. She was the youngest Tenno out of all the members in the Space Station. At 17 years old, that makes her 2 years younger than the next.

She glanced up with a jolt, almost as if she sensed a disturbance. She noticed Excalibur, and responded with a stammered, but friendly nod.

Excalibur looked away, blushing a bit.

"Squad 7, please report to the Launch Pad for mission debriefing." Lotus's voice was louder this time, but still marred with static.

* * * * *

"Are we gonna have to do this much walking when we get there?" whined Loki. "All this exercise isn't good for my health."

Excalibur shot a glare at Loki. He just couldn't understand him. Such were rogues, he decided.

As they headed down the corrider, they were issued standard Mk1-Bratons, Latos, and Skanas. They were well familiar with them, and took them without hesitation.

A little further down, Loki said something again, but a bit more modest. "I don't like these. No personality. How are they ever going to know that I was the one who sliced a Grineer in two?"

Excalibur didn't notice. He was too busy looking at the screen. He had practiced landing before, but never in a realistic situation. Once he saw the terrain, he knew immediately that they were going to have difficulty.

He shook his head, and pushed that thought out of his mind. They won't have trouble, reassuring himself.

Lotus displayed herself on-screen. "You will be dropped off approximately 100 meters away from the actual outpost. I will be guiding you through intercom during the mission. However, the rest is up to you."

All the members were listening attentively, even Loki.

"Your first mission is to shut down the outpost. There is a reactor located inside, and it is your job to deactivate it by any means necessary."

"So I guess that means no boom-boom," said Loki, a little disheartened.

Debriefing was over. "Squad 7, board the ship, and prepare yourselves for the Grineer threat."

They filed into the carrier. "Come on Rhino," yelled Loki, "you're dragging us down! Don't do that during the mission!"

This time Excalibur responded. "As long as you're not busy hiding beneath that cloak of yours." He smiled, facing away.

Loki twirled around, stunned, but slowly grinned.

"Thanks Cali, I'll keep that in mind when I have to save your ass."

Here it is, just as I promised. Notice the difference? I'm not describing them. Just to make it harder for you ^^. I'm planning to make bios of all the characters (as I have said) and that's why I wanted to do Squad 7 first. Trying to describe them and write a story at the same time is hard.

Anyways, criticism is always appreciated, and feel free to leave suggestions.

If anyone guesses where they're going, I'll give you a cookie XP.

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