So, I was just wondering your guys' opinions about a theoretical trading system in warframe. For example, you would able to buy mods from other people. However, you would need a certain rank to access the "market" (to prevent newer players from obtaining, say, a gorgon.) I don't know if this was already posted, but if it is, just link me to the blog. If not, well, comment away!

I personally think that a trading system would make the game maybe too easy? Because then grinding for mods would be pointless, and defense missions would be obsolete for getting mods. But at the same time, I guess it's a good way to make a profit, better than just selling it to the in-game "market." Maybe this could be balanced by price arrangements, again, only a suggestion.

So, what do you guys think if the devs decided to add a market to the game? Also, do you think this trading system could possibly include the trade of platinum as well as "higher-tiered" items such as warframes and artifacts, etc.?

tl:dr, What if there was a trading system?

Also, sorry for my English, I'm from China.

EDIT!!!. Didn't see the trading thing in upcoming update, sorry!. But all things aside, how do you guys think it would/should work?

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