• Jrjjue

    Advanced Corpus consoles can be confusing to players unfamiliar with them. They can be found on more difficult Corpus missions such as ones on Pluto. Here I present steps to follow to complete these advanced Corpus consoles. My advice is based on visually organizing the console and prioritizing tiles. 

    It is important to understand the different elements of the console. 

    Advanced consoles fill all seven spots like in the image above. 

    Consoles can be visually broken up into two major parts: the outside ring and the center tile. 

    Once the outer ring is taken care of, the final step is to simply spin the Center Tile.

    If you keep spinning the Center Tile and nothing happens, the console is misaligned somehow. And you will need to make sure your ti…

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  • Jrjjue

    I confirm the pattern Raisins identified in his version of the spy 2.0 event mod table. There were some combinations of locations and event mod drops implied by the pattern that were not observed and therefore not recorded in the earlier text table. I observed the missing combinations since discovering Raisins' pattern.

    I think the event mod table has jumped the shark. I prefer Raisins' version of the table. I appreciate the consolidation and form of that table.



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