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  • Juper0

    Final Entry

    November 14, 2013 by Juper0

    I have watched this wikia grow from 120 pages this 1000+ page top rate wiki with all sorts of fun js and css. we have anywhere from 200k to 400k views every day and have peaked at over 600k. every day there is a new blog and many blogs get over 50 comments. while many wikias are happy to have 3-10 editor on a page in 72 hours, we can get over 30!

    We have accomplished in 8 months what has taken years for many of the other top wikias to achieve. I attribute this to our connections to our game's Developers, Digital Extremes, the Wikia Staff, and most of all the outstanding support of the community at large to keep this site up to date. When I joined in February of this year, Warframe a few hundred edits a month. Now we have several thousand ev…

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  • Juper0

    Parent Filter

    September 24, 2013 by Juper0

    Calling all Wikia Tenno, especially parents!

    I have made something of a compilation of the submissions below.

    Warframe is a co-operative, free-to-play, sci-fi shooter game developed by Digital Extremes (DE) set in a distant future where the solar system is torn between a hyper-militarist clone empire, profit-driven technological merchants, and infested mutants/zombies. The player takes the role of a "Tenno", a member of a fourth faction with a blurry past and roots in ninja themes, and is guided by an entity called "the Lotus" through missions including timed survival, prisoner rescue, sabotage, and many more. The players is always pitted against enemies in superior numbers. To this end, players have at their disposal a varied arsenal of wea…

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  • Juper0

    WARFRAME Wikia has Articles. Most of these pages were created by regular members of wikia and a significant portion by anonymous users with no profile. Warframe Wikia follows the styling of many other wikias, but has its own flavor at the same time. The following will hopefully give some insight on what the admins expect to see for well constructed articles.

    As a beginning note, pages are rarely considered "complete." Warframe is in beta, thus the content of the pages can very quickly fall behind or become inaccurate. Furthermore, this blog is about an idea. It is a set of guidelines. These are not actual rules. Some pages need a different format to get information through clearly and without simply repeating other pages. Finally, WARFRAME W…

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  • Juper0

    Some wikia changes

    July 29, 2013 by Juper0

    There have been a handful of changes with the wikia lately.

    We have added 2 new pages to help people learn about warframe and this wikia: Beginners Guide put together by myself and ChickenBar, and the Welcome page. The Bosses, factions, and enemies page all got an overhaul and combined. all the pages are still there, but a lot of the info has been all placed on the factions page. this brings me to the Main page. It was in need of some organization and updating. we have removed some of the less visited pages and put up some pages we would like to draw more attention to. The enemies and bosses buttons are removed and can be navigated to via Factions. blueprints is removed and can be seen easily on the foundry page.

    any concerns, critiques, fla…

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  • Juper0

    Enemy Info Box

    July 22, 2013 by Juper0

    Please help in distributing these info boxes to all the enemy pages. if there is a page for the weapon they are using, please link it. do not use link tags for factions. it will link automatically (as long as you spell it right). try no to be to general or to specific with the "type" tag (i.e. Melee/Short Ranged/Long Ranged/Heavy/Utility). you will need to use everything through "baselevel". the other tags will not appear unless info is added for them. if you do not know one or more pieces of info, its ok. just leave it blank or a question mark (?) and someone will eventually fill it in. thanks everyone for all the help!

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