Please help in distributing these info boxes to all the enemy pages. if there is a page for the weapon they are using, please link it. do not use link tags for factions. it will link automatically (as long as you spell it right). try no to be to general or to specific with the "type" tag (i.e. Melee/Short Ranged/Long Ranged/Heavy/Utility). you will need to use everything through "baselevel". the other tags will not appear unless info is added for them. if you do not know one or more pieces of info, its ok. just leave it blank or a question mark (?) and someone will eventually fill it in. thanks everyone for all the help!

| name                 =
| image                = 
| faction              =
| type                 =
| weapon               =
| basehealth           =
| basearmor            =
| baseexperience       =
| baselevel            =
| baseshield           = 
| dmgtypemultipliers   = 
| ignoreddmgtype       = 
| specialbodyparts     = 
| unprotectedbodyparts = 

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