This was a forum post a while back. Thought I would see if people here were interested.

I know its a text wall, but its an easy read with a bit of humor. please read/skim through and let me know what you think. thanks! 

Currently in the randomizer of map making, there are options that will make the environment effect the players.

  • cryo leak: 1/2 shields
  • self destruct: fires in random locations. fire attacks do more damage
  • haul breach: shields drain, room is locked, and audio is reduced (low pass filter applied) and visual is blurred.

so, 2 of these 3 don't make any sense, and the third only a little. I like them and would enjoy some more work on them, however. and I think there can be a lot more. I know they will not make it into UD8, but maybe this will get in eventually. the rest is a rework idea and some additions: (all units = players and enemies).

The numbers may not be perfect yet, but I'm thinking this will really help out with the randomization of maps and keep players thinking about who else is on their team. Sometimes, other frames may have bonuses! some of these things can even be added to the same mission, but some need to NEVER be added at the same time. sometimes some modifiers are actually impossible. Some of these ideas here could be applied at the start of a mission, or after the objective has been complete. Each event would occur once throughout 20 missions or so, meaning that 8 missions are done under "optimal conditions" (no modifiers). 

Environmental Mods

Cryo Leak

Ice all over the place (like it is already). All units run speed is slowed 5%. Melee is 10% slower (including charge time). weapon swap and reload is slower. All freeze damage +50%. Stamina recharge rate -20%. Air ducts and pipe leaks are pouring out a blue vapor like mist that is super cold. Units that step into mist are slowed by 60% for 3 seconds and take some cold damage. Units on the ice have a hard time moving (slipping a lot). Starting to move is very slow and stoping takes a long time (will probably slide off the ice before stopping).

  • The "warm Coat" mod will reduce reductions (improve) by 10%/20%/30%/40%. the slipping action is unaffected by the mod.
  • Frost is immune to everything but slipping.
  • can't happen on "outdoor" maps

Lotus informs: The ships Cryo chambers have malfunctioned. You'll feel a bit sluggish.

Self Destruct

Panels all over are occasionally discharging for a second, causing 1 second (and not longer) stun and minor electricity damage. All electricity damage is increased 50%. 20-30 minute timer is in place. (cinematic of ship exploding if timer counts all the way down).

  • Volt is immune (maybe gets energy).
  • Having Lightning rod reduces damage and stun duration

Lotus informs: The ship is going to self destruct. You need to do this fast, and keep clear of energy overloads.

Ship is Under Attack

random fires all over the place, corpses in random locations. Random atmosphere leak in random location in the room occasionally and self seal after 30 seconds. breach causes a slight drag on all units (like Vauban's vortex) that are near. some tremors causing all units to chance a stumble.

  • Rhino does not stumble

Lotus informs:Stay on your toes, the ship is getting bombarded with enemy fire.

Over Oxygenation

Colors are saturated. All fire damage is increased 50%. stamina max +20%. stamina recharge rate +20%.

  • Ember does not take increased damage from fire.

Lotus informs: Take a deep breath, Tenno. And steer clear of fires!

Engine Ion Leak

All units with shields (if any) start at full and have a 1% reduction applied every 12 seconds (5% in one minute) to a cap of 50% in 10 minutes. Sheild recharge rate -20%. Lotus informs: The ships engines are having issues. Mind your shields.

Radiation Leak

Corpses in random locations. When a unit looses shields, they are instantly "irradiated" for 30 seconds at 1 health per second. Units without shields are only irradiated once. edges of screen blink red while irradiated (like when poisoned by a toxic).

  • A radiation based frame would be immune. 

Lotus informs: The ship is radiated. don't loose your shields, even for a moment!

Electro Magnetic Pulse

Max energy is reduced 20%. energy pickups give 20, instead of 25. Energy siphon is reduced to 1 every 3 seconds. Magnetic damage +50%. Occasionally, a "wave" of energy (looks like volts shield) passes through the ship, causing robotics to be stunned for a second, panels to over load causing electricity damage and stuns nearby units. HUDs are distorted for one second (like with disruptor hit).

  • Mag and Volt are immune.

Lotus informs: I'm detecting a lot of EM. you'll need to find extra power for this mission.

Ship Wide Lock Down

Every room of the ship is locked and must be hacked to be opened independently from the last room. Enemies are always looking for Tenno. (should not happen in single player) Lotus informs: There are other Tenno aboard, and have already been spotted. you'll need to do this room by room.

Merchant Ship

This ship has 2 times drop of all resources and credits. Consequently, all enemies have increased level (standard level x 1.5 or something mildly significant) Lotus informs: Take everything from this ship! We'll need it.

Gravity Plate Malfunction

The artificial gravity is malfunctioning. Canisters are floating, slowly spinning in place. Jump duration is increased 200% (3x jump height, and 3x range jump kicking), Wall running uses 1/3 stamina. Excalibur's and Vauban's jump really shine here! 

  • can't happen on planet maps. 

Lotus informs: The gravity plating on this ship is not working properly. remember your zero-g training.

Computer Virus

All AI units (osprey, MOA, grinders, etc.) attack anyone and sentinel shuts down randomly for a few seconds. Rooms randomly lockdown and unlock. laser doors and turrets randomly activate/deactivate. elevators randomly move. Hacks are tougher. Lotus informs: Our enemies are attacking this location remotely, stay sharp and be ready for anything!

Battle Ravaged

Much of the ship/outpost is falling apart. What was an easily navigated tile is now wreckage with coolant lines leaking (being frosted), plasma lines spouting (fire damage), and electrical lines shorting (electricity damage). Occasionally debris falls from the ceiling. power is on but only enough for life support and doors. no alarms can be triggered. Lotus informs: This place is falling apart. Watch out for hazards, anything can break here.

High Gravity

The gravity amps are boosted for a short duration (1 minute) causing high gravity effects for a single room. This would slow movement 25%, reduce jump height by 25%, increase prone recovery time by 50%, all downward attacks do 50% more damage, increased drop on projectile weapons.

  • can't happen on planet maps.

Lotus informs: The grav amps have been boosted here. Stay on your feet!

Smoke/Fog Filled

Be it from an environmental systems malfunction or bad weather all the tiles are filled with fog or smoke that reduces visibility to <30 meters. Enemies move like they are unalertted, but hunting (cautious?). This also opens up the possibility of having a mod or equipment for ir/nightvition that can see through the fog. things like the enemy sense mod become HUGELY more applicable. Lotus informs: Keep your eyes open Tenno. This enemies could be anywhere.

On Trigger Events

These would happen when a corpus crewmen or Grineer soldier hit a button, some destructible is destroyed (i.e. a window), a trap is triggered by a Tenno, or the Tenno hacks to make it happen. Every Room would have a "master panel" so that not every panel can be used to do the hackable modifier, and not every tile has a master panel, thus a player has to find the few master panels to do these....

Hual Breach

When a window is broken (and all windows should be breakable), a decompression sequence starts (this is already in the game, but only one window can break). a lockdown starts and the breach is sealed automatically in 10 seconds (it just makes sense!). Players still need to hack to reopen the room. During the time the atmosphere is escaping, all units take health damage at 5 health per second (bypasses shields). also, any loose items are sucked to the location (like Vauban's vortex) and all units stumble. can't happen on planet maps. 


Anytime the enemies are alerted to the presents of Tenno, the player may attempt to hack a REALLY hard hack (12+hex's to hack). This will cause the enemies to return to normal alert mode (unalertted), and not respawn.


Players can start a lockdown on their own by performing a REALLY hard hack (12+hex's to hack). The player must then unlock the room to leave. (this would be really good if normal enemies would keep running in during boss fights.)

Low Gravity

Players can shut down the gravity amps for a short duration (1 minute) by performing a hard hack (8+hex's to hack), causing the Low gravity effects listed above for a single room.

High Gravity

Players can amp up the gravity amps for a short duration (1 minute) by performing a hard hack (12+hex's to hack), causing high gravity effects for a single room. This would slow movement 25%, reduce jump height by 25%, increase prone recovery time by 50%, all downward attacks do 50% more damage, increased drop on projectile weapons.

Neural Toxin

Upon Corpus or Grineer activation, toxic chemicals are pumped into the room. All bio form units take poison damage. It is stopped with a hack. Does not happen more than twice a mission. Saryn and toxic ancients/crawlers are immune. Lotus informs in a strangely creepy yet familiar female voice: Studies find that test subjects did not perform well when put in a room with deadly neural toxin. Saryn is immune to the poison


Item that can be broken either intentioally or accidentally by all units.

Cryo Pipe Burst

Upon being hit with enough damage, a pipe with coolant or cryo fluids bursts and sprays an area. anything in the area takes frost damage and the effect. Automatic safeties activate in 10 seconds, stopping the hazard. Frost is immune to the damage. 

Plasma Conduit Cut

Upon being hit with enough damage, a conduit with plasma bursts and spouts plasma in the area. anything in the area takes fire damage. Automatic safeties activate in 10 seconds, stopping the hazard. Ember is immune to the damage. 

Electrical Line Severed

Upon being hit with enough damage, a conduit with electricity running through it is severed. anything in the area takes electricity damage and the tenno HUD is distorted. Automatic safeties activate in 10 seconds, stopping the hazard. Volt is immune to the damage. 

Explosive Barrels

(Yes, these are already in the game, but lets face it, they are virtually ignored.) Explosive Barrels are set throughout the maps and indicated as such with red labeling. they increase in damage with level as well as armor. The number of yellow stripes indicates its explosive yield. Embur takes 50% less damage. All barrels can be moved by mag pull, Vauban vortex, and nearby atmo leaks.

Toxic Barrels

Green Barrels throughout the level will leak toxic gasses upon being hit with enough damage. the number of blue stripes indicates the toxicity level. Saryn is immune to the poison. All barrels can be moved by mag pull, Vauban vortex, and nearby atmo. leaks.

Slime Barrels

Gray like barrels will spill a slime on the floor that will greatly slow the movement speed of anyone who steps in the goo. All barrels can be moved by mag pull, Vauban vortex, and nearby atmo leaks.


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