I have watched this wikia grow from 120 pages this 1000+ page top rate wiki with all sorts of fun js and css. we have anywhere from 200k to 400k views every day and have peaked at over 600k. every day there is a new blog and many blogs get over 50 comments. while many wikias are happy to have 3-10 editor on a page in 72 hours, we can get over 30!

We have accomplished in 8 months what has taken years for many of the other top wikias to achieve. I attribute this to our connections to our game's Developers, Digital Extremes, the Wikia Staff, and most of all the outstanding support of the community at large to keep this site up to date. When I joined in February of this year, Warframe a few hundred edits a month. Now we have several thousand every week. That does not include blogs, comments, and forums. We have moved from simple text and tables to amazing templates full of awesome features I never dreamed up. Indeed you guys have made this wikia earn its place up high in the wikis. We have only our longevity to prove. With our subject matter still in beta, I am sure this site can prove its worth over time.

We have our bumps. Things that need to be worked out. Debate will spark and flamers will rage while Anon's feed the trollers. Spammers will hit us with their best shots and we will return with the proverbial back hand (ban button!). I have had the privilege of working with so many contributors on all sorts of things both good and bad. I have had to be the bad guy and remove well meaning content and have had some of my own removed. I have spoken out rightly against some things that, in the end, were implemented. In general, the ideas were good and for the betterment of the community and the wikia. bravo to those who fought me and the other popular contributors. one of my favorite things about this community is the conversations, discussions, and debates to work through issues and opinions. Many were handled well. some... were not.... I know for a fact that people have learned from those discussions not just how to make a better wikia, but work through issues in the real world. Good manners really do get people further with their goals than the blunt opinion approach. I hope everyone remembers to be patient with others. something I always tried to think when I came across a debate or was asked to intervene (I tried so hard not to) was thus: "Everyone is wrong, including me. So what is right?" I hope that will help others.

Alas, for all the fun I had with this Wikia and helping it get to this point, I am done. I have stopped playing warframe for a while. And by the time I log on for updates, the work has been done. I do little more than encourage people to keep making edits and help answer questions from time to time and ask the Wikia staff to fix something out of the admins' control. I am now handing the torch to ChickenBar to keep things going in the fashion he sees fit. Emailformygames and a few new admins will help bare the burden. Let them all know what is going on if you need help.

This may be too epic for a wiki, but I like to write epic speeches. It is a hobby. I'm not very good, but I enjoy it anyhow. Play the video here (its just music) and slowly read the block below. So here is my final words to the community. Thank you all for your help and encouragement. It has been a privilege:

Audiomachine - The Last One02:39

Audiomachine - The Last One

Play this while reading the following:

Never forget what is most important to humanity. You. You have the power to change another person's existence with your words. How you treat another person may lead to how they live the rest of their life... It may lead to how they die. One cross word can send a person down the road to hell. A word of blessing can save generations of their kin. Knowledge is nothing if not used to empower others. Power is nothing if not applied. Be a man or woman of applied power. Be something to humanity not for your own works, but for the works of the future generations. Be the one who said the blessing that lead humanity to a generation of peace. Be the one that saved the person who rose a generation of leaders that rid humanity of war.


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