So I like to work on the numbers and get info about how the game works. I do this for video games and for card games, board games, table tops, and whatever else there is. I love making hanges to games and working on ways to may them more interesteing, harder for vets, and keep them balanced. I love the challenge of balencing and keeping a game from being broken. 

Lately I have been doing a lot of work to get the mechanics of Warframe up on this wiki. Sometimes its tough cause the mechanics are still in the works and there are a lot of glitches to work out. But this is still a wonderful game to play. I like feeling like a bad A parkore space ninja! I wish I had a lot more information available to me ahead of time, and that is why I am writing as much of it as i know down on here, so others can have answers to all the quiestions I had and more.

I hope that I can influence the game some in a good way and come up with worth wild ideas that improve game play. I am very interested in seeing the HUD improved (its not bad, just needs tweeks) so that more information is avalable to the player without him having to look somewere besides the center of the screen for rapidly changing info (i.e. shields, ammo, and energy) but that is all up in a forums post. 

I hope other people will be interested in improving the underlieing mechanics of this game and we can get them all listed up here. 

thanks for reading. 


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