So I am working on prep stuff for update7. I have asked a few and now I am asking anyone who reads this. 

I would like to see as much new information on the wiki as fast as it can get typed up. if anyone can help, even with just edits and pictures, that woudl be great. I am trying to deligate the info so that things are not repeted. If anyone has anything they would like to contribute to specifically (like a warframe or a weapon), please let me know, so i and others don't end up also posting the same thing.

obviously, I am no moderator or admin. and this wiki is still open for anyone to post. I am just trying to maximise effort. Feel free to post whatever you feel like within the constraints of the wiki terms of agreement. 

For myself, I will work on making sure new pages are up for new features, frames, sentinels, game types and so on. I am working on pages off line so I can make them all pretty and not fill them with info that is not known to be in the patch yet (cause I actaully have no idea what will be... if only I had another 200 bucks to give DE!). 

Pages I will be adding/editing: 

  • Updates - obviously.... 
  • Mods - I will try to do that asap, as it will be a HUGE change. 
  • Artifacts - this page will likely just be archived. but there is rumor of something to replace them.
  • Upgrades - Will likely archive and add leveling up info to warframes and weapons pages. 
  • Warframes - Add new info, level up info, and new frames to lists.
  • Weapons -  Add new info, level up info, and new weapons to lists.
  • Pickups - Adding new pickups and whatever else changes
  • Affinity - if anything changes
  • Missions - adding info about the new tiles and their challenges


  • Old Mods - will have info about how mods worked before update 7.
  • Sentinels - the pets. I have no idea what is coming for that! 
  • Sonic Warframe - someone else will need to fill it with info and pictures. 
  • any other pages that need to be added. 

What I could really use help with

  • Specific Frames/weapons/sentinels - there will be much, I am sure! 
  • Lore! - all and any that they give. Im not big on Lore, and the mechanics are much more important to me. 
  • Enemies - New ones and Lore on whatever they give. 
  • Factions - any info and lore about them. their may be a new one, even. 
  • Characters - Mostly any lore that comes out. 
  • Blueprints - Need them added. I may get to this myself, but not till above is done, mostly. 
  • Resources - if there are differences. 
  • Consumables - if there are differences. I may get to this myself, but not till above is done, mostly. 

As contributers (if any) volunteer, I will add their wikia name here and what they said they could cover. 

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