Live Stream

So the live feed finished, and I am very excited for update 7! I almost don't want to do anything to the wiki since so many changes are going to happen.... but I will try to keep up the endurance. 

The following is info I got from the stream. A table of contense, if you will. It is things they talked about wanting to add, changes to the game, and whether or not they will be in the update 7. 

There is also a lot about game concept. what the directors and creaters want the game to be like, and how they disagree on some aspects. I will not be including that in this blog. 


Warframe will be going on Steam! I don't know when, but its going, and that make me happy. Steam means more poeple play, which means more money for DE, which means more fuctionallity for Warframe. 

Update 7

For update 7 (UD7), there will be all sorts of fun things, including: times are in (min:sec)

so, there is going to be a global chat system (4:15). it will be divided up into regions, clans, and so on. this will give the fast pace game come out into the meta game. 

if your one of those "we need mod filters now!" then you may or may not like this. the whole mod system is going to completely change. (5:15; 49:30). they will look more like the artifact system. DO KEEP YOUR MODS! dont just sell them all willy nilly. they MIGHT have an exchange system with them to use, like in the foundry, to change them to the new card things (52:00). 

Special animations for stealth melee kills (28 minutes)! Blocking Bullets with melee weapons (30 minutes) and it will feed off of stamina. even the furux can! This will add on a nice "layer of complexity" for weapons that seem a little redundent, or even underpowered. 

They will be staying in the Sol solar system for UD7 (38:00) and this will "feel better" as the lore comes out about the Tenno. BUT! they are adding a whole new tile set... (52:15) that will be snow covered, on a planet, and be "Orokin" based (?_?). although some people want a huge map, the ninja idea of closed spaces will continue. 

Melee Combo's are something that are enjoiyed by many people and Warframe does not want to leave their fans hanging on this, but they do not want to pull the player out of the game for the moves. having it be 3rd person presents a challenge as they must annimate the WHOLE character. There is going to be more on ground hits for UD7 (41:15). 

There is a new weapon coming for UD7, but they are hush hush about it (42:45)

for the trinity lovers (like me) there MIGHT be a buff/rework. (46:45). 

and then there is something VERY exciting to me, and that is Sentanals! (50:20). these are "like pets" and are craftable, and upgradeable! to upgrade them, you get cards called "precepts" that will program the sentenal with an AI like system to make the bot behave to your desired play style. 

I am also looking forward to Defence mode like survival! (55:00). 

It was insinuated that custom weapon colorization will be in UD7 (1:02:30). 

"At some Point" thigns to come

something that is going to help a lot of people is the lore coming out (15:00). details from the guy in the frame to why the solar system is ther eway it is, and what happened to the "orokin". 

The Clan system is going to be BIG for Warframe (16:15). having items like clan ships, dojos, and maybe even clan trading.... we will see what this brings out. this might be coming out in UD8 (18:25)

An Orokin Tower, or Dojo, will be added (26:00) to challenge players on skill, rather than just running missions. 

There was talk about trading (33:30), but its not looking like its going to be in UD7.

Something that will eventually happen is that they are going to try to have a lost of Player content. This will make this 3rd person shooter/run and gun really stand out from others. (47:00)

There are going to be new warframes in the future (5:40; 55:50), a poison and sonic (sound) warframe! not sure if those will be in UD7. 

Another faction is to come (58:00). 


In general, I would say that veryone should keep their mods for now. don't sell them. they might be able to turn into really cool stuff! warframe updates that will reset all the specs and change the way we spec... new concepts, new missions, all sorts of changes! going onto steam is just a GREAT idea. 

What I am really hoping for is a revamp on missions complexity. make it more than JUST hack and slash with occational teamwork. also 

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