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Warframe Developer Livestream 3 New Content Q&A01:08:41

Warframe Developer Livestream 3 New Content Q&A


So the live stream was fun! over 4,000 people were tuned in, more then 10 times last Q/A stream! Lots of things to look forward to and lots of humor. I was mentioned (1:08:10; thanks Steve!). Also a way cool gift to 4 lucky players: $50 worth of plat! Congrats to the winners (as known in twitch): Hadery; Rivizzon; Balgusvar; and I_the_clinton

The first thing they talked about (and a theme throughout the stream) were the server issues. They are working on them, but they did not expect to be in the top 10 steam games (1:02:20) of the month. They are working hard to get new hardware in to account for the traffic. 

For this Friday’s update, you can expect:

  1. New weapons in the game include the Ether set (3:00). This will include a dagger sward, and dual set. They are quicker yet slightly less damage than Skana. The dual set is slower than Fangs but more damage. 
  2. Also coming out due to popular demand are the Dual Vipers (5:00)! “get your ammo max mods out”
  3. A new set of tiles (5:40) will be coming out for the outpost defense maps (double sized!) and Grineer asteroid tiles including a new “capture” game mode that tiles are made for specifically. 
  4. Getting to the end of a mission will not start the timer until half the team is present. (22:35)
  5. Sentinels are going to get some attention. (33:00

For the future:

  1. New infested boss - J3 golum
    Bosses are going to start getting more interesting, a lot more attention, and “boss like” (8:30). An infested boss “golem” replacement was revealed and it is AWESOME! And Vor is going to get a lot better! Boss fights should start looking like Jackal fights. 
  2. Higher than rare mods will be coming out (15:10
  3. There are going to be more alternate helmets (15:45)
  4. As for Warframe remakes (16:15) they are going to keep tweaking things, but overhauls of frames or individual abilities will not be common. 
  5. A trading system will be implemented (19:00) for clan level, but they really do not want to throw the game for a mistake on the economic system. Resources will be on the trading table, but mods and other things may be off in the more distant future. Also, a gifting system for platinum for people in the same clan ( 27:30) will be implemented, but no trading for plat. 
  6. Stealth will be looked at more (20:30) with new mechanics for it, but they are trying to make it work for online and privet/solo. There will eventually be a way to turn off the in game alarm system (24:45). 
  7. There will in fact be more Warframes in the future (24:00). 
  8. There will be new factions… eventually (26:30). 
  9. New abilities are going to be released (26:50) for the frames. 
  10. More polarities will be able to be added to weapons (28:00) so that players can make it personal. 
  11. Looks like the frames are not going to ever have a “voice” (29:20but new music tracks will eventually be added. 
  12. They are looking to add throwable weapons (30:50) as side arms. Ash’s shuriken will be appropriately (or not) changed up. And something that really made me lol was the announcement of the Glaive! 
  13. Rank 8 is a parkour basedtest  (33:30and many of the new tiles are going to require parkour to get to really cool spots! 
  14. An optional reset is in the works (40:50) and coming soon. It will be a 100% reset (no exp, no credits, no resources will remain). All plat will be reimbursed. It will be completely optional. 
  15. Is the hacking game going to change? Yes (43:10). For the most part, it will just be making it harder, but eventually there will be new types of hacking. And the sentinels will be able to hack for you! 
  16. The “Global” chat will be getting some customization (46:00) so that players can make it work for their screen and preferences. 
  17. The frames will get “knock back mods” that will enable faster stand up (47:45) and they teased at the idea of  “laser door immunity." 
  18. Hopefully the rollers will get some attention (48:50). The numbers are adjusted often, but for the most part, they are not going to change much, for now. All powers SHOULD work on all [t]rollers… 
  19. New Sentinels will be added (49:40). 
  20. Ok, really! Vehicles?! They just don’t fit…. (51:50). 
  21. In spite of what Steve says, apparently no progress has been made on gender swaps for frames.  (55:40). But Ember “Blaze” will be discussed later… 
  22. The (not so) hidden secret is blocking (56:55), and they are planning on making it better. 
  23. More lore is going to be released in the nearer future. (59:00)
  24. THERE WILL BE NO PVP in the near future. They are focusing on PvE. (1:00:00). 

For update 8, what we know is thus:

  1. Clans are getting a lot of attention (25:00). They will get to use tiles to build a clan dojo. This dojo will be something that can be walked around in and members will be able to invite friends to see it! 
  2. There will be “clan vs clan” meta game that will affect the “topology” of the system. 
  3. maybe things for individual clans to do. 

At the conclusion of the live stream, as has become a custom, a 12 hour alert come up on the game with a Orokin Catalyst reward. 

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