Calling all Wikia Tenno, especially parents!


I have made something of a compilation of the submissions below.

What do you all think?

Is this a good description of Warframe?

The poll was created at 04:36 on September 26, 2013, and so far 5 people voted.

old blog

Wikia has added a new page to wikia sites: MediaWiki:ParentFilter

I would like to have it populated and what we need for that right away is a blurb about the game to give non-video-gamer parents a way to gauge the game without having to read the whole wiki or play the game themselves. Wee need notes about general game feel, gore/blood factor, language, violence, and so on. I know the game is still changing and that should be mentioned, too. That in mind it may be hard to write about the future of warframe since it does not seem to follow a single thought. But if you could give about 10-15 lines of "What Is Warframe: A Parents Guide" as a comment here, then the community can vote/discuss them as replies to the comment. I and the other admins will also sift through them and pick out some we like to highlight.

I really like the idea of the parent filter page as it gives us a chance to speak up about video games and how ours differs from others so that parents don't just see the ESRB rating and assume that the T rating means its too much. Let us give them the short yet informative download of the game. thanks all!

Fight with honor, Tenno!

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