There have been a handful of changes with the wikia lately.

We have added 2 new pages to help people learn about warframe and this wikia: Beginners Guide put together by myself and ChickenBar, and the Welcome page. The Bosses, factions, and enemies page all got an overhaul and combined. all the pages are still there, but a lot of the info has been all placed on the factions page. this brings me to the Main page. It was in need of some organization and updating. we have removed some of the less visited pages and put up some pages we would like to draw more attention to. The enemies and bosses buttons are removed and can be navigated to via Factions. blueprints is removed and can be seen easily on the foundry page.

any concerns, critiques, flames and so on can be posted here or on my wall. thanks to everyone who contributes. This wikia is still young and has already achieved great feats as a result of your efforts. have a great day and go kill some grineer!

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