WARFRAME Wikia has 3,217 Articles. Most of these pages were created by regular members of wikia and a significant portion by anonymous users with no profile. Warframe Wikia follows the styling of many other wikias, but has its own flavor at the same time. The following will hopefully give some insight on what the admins expect to see for well constructed articles.

As a beginning note, pages are rarely considered "complete." Warframe is in beta, thus the content of the pages can very quickly fall behind or become inaccurate. Furthermore, this blog is about an idea. It is a set of guidelines. These are not actual rules. Some pages need a different format to get information through clearly and without simply repeating other pages. Finally, WARFRAME Wikia is not considered a simple wikia. We have implemented many more advanced features. on the same topic, we try to keep things consistent and easy to edit by using "easy to use" Templates.


The following is the basics of editing. If you want to jump into article making, but don't want to be reading for an hour, please read this first portion. It will give you an idea of the expectations and keep your page from getting marked for deletion due to bad styling.

One last thing before starting, ALWAYS check the pages to be sure the content you want to write about is not already on the wikia. Thanks.

The Skeleton

The base from work of a WARFRAME Wikia article should consist of the following characteristics.

  • Brief Description: This should be a paragraph or two. The first line should contain the title of the page and that title should be bold.
  • Right Side Image: An image between 200 and 300 pixels that clearly illustrates the content subject floating on the right of the text.
  • Headers: Separators clearly signifying the next section of the page. Text below the header should be detailed and have as little redundant information as possible.
  • TOC: A Table Of Contents will automatically be created if there are 3 or more headers included in the article.
  • Navigation: A navigation bar at the bottom of the page that includes the page and other pages in a similar category.
  • Category: This helps define a page's function. It also serves as navigation pointers for the "Games Guide App" for Android phones.


These are some ideas to keep in mind about the content. Basically, use formal writing rules. It is ok in blogs, forums and comments to be more casual.

  • Do not talk directly to a used with the pronoun "You" in articles.
  • Avoid contractions like Don't and Isn't. Use the full spelling.
  • Do not use colloquialisms. They are often culture specific, and there are a dozen cultures trying to use this wikia to learn about the game.
  • Never include opinions! Those are blogs and comments. This includes Recommendations, Tips, Speculations, and so on. They often stir up edit wars.
  • Stay on topic. Talk about the subject and nothing else. if other information is referenced, then link it! it is very easy in wikia to link to internal pages.

If you do not speak english as a first language, or if you are like me and are just bad with spelling and sometimes with grammar, don't sweat it! The coolest thing about a wiki is that anyone can edit. Some perfectionist with a writing degree will eventually come along and make corrections. Warframe wikia is so popular that plenty of people often see a page in seconds of its creation and will make corrections within the hour. But do try to be correct the first time. use spell checker and/or get a friend to proof read before submitting. I often ask my sister to check things over for me. Some times other admins here.

Ok, that is the basics. I am sure I will get made fun of for that one or two or twelve things I messed up on this blog, but now you can see it. I will include more info later about the depths of wikia and how much power it has. We are a template rich wikia and we love our java script!

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