• KLKCAhBoy90
    • Super Jump, can be used for mobility and with other skills to form combos.
    • By sprinting and using Super Jump, once momentum is gained, then releasing sprint button to hold down the crouch button, Excalibur can toss himself by doing a jump kick which makes use of the Super Jump instead of a normal jump.

    The above technique, referred to as "Toss" for the remainder of this article, can be used with other of Excalibur's skills to create combos.

    • To cancel a Toss immediately, press the melee button and you will perform a melee jump smash.

    If a heavy weapon is used and enemies are within the knockdown range, they will be knocked down as per the normal melee jump attack.

    • Excalibur can gain maximum horizontal distance by doing a toss then using Slash Da…

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