Super Jump

  • Super Jump, can be used for mobility and with other skills to form combos.
  • By sprinting and using Super Jump, once momentum is gained, then releasing sprint button to hold down the crouch button, Excalibur can toss himself by doing a jump kick which makes use of the Super Jump instead of a normal jump.



The above technique, referred to as "Toss" for the remainder of this article, can be used with other of Excalibur's skills to create combos.
  • Melee Jump Smash after Toss00:06

    Melee Jump Smash after Toss


    To cancel a Toss immediately, press the melee button and you will perform a melee jump smash.

If a heavy weapon is used and enemies are within the knockdown range, they will be knocked down as per the normal melee jump attack.

Maximum Distance00:06

Maximum Distance


Cliff Jumping 300:09

Cliff Jumping 3


  • Excalibur can gain maximum horizontal distance by doing a toss then using Slash Dash.

  • Excalibur can also use a Radial Blind with the Toss to perform something like a Flash Bang.
Toss Flash Bang Maximum Distance-000:31

Toss Flash Bang Maximum Distance-0

Flash Bang00:08

Flash Bang


The Radial Blind can be used any time during the Toss.

  • Excalibur can also use a Radial Javelin with the Toss to perform something like a Frag Grenade.
Frag Grenade00:07

Frag Grenade

The Radial Javelin must be used/started (pressed) near or at the end of the Toss since Radial Javelin cannot hit targets below it.

If the "4" button is pressed too early, the Excalibur will still perform the animation of the Radial Javelin on the ground but the effect will be negated.

Radial Javelin

Bullet Attractor Radial Javelin Combo00:07

Bullet Attractor Radial Javelin Combo

*When paired with a Mag using Bullet Attractor, Radial Javelin can be used to deal massive damage to one enemy. 
  • This can be further increased using Banshee's Sonar. Able to defeat low level bosses with a single cast.

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