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    Suggestion For Kestrel

    October 13, 2013 by Kakai0

    Good Everyone!
    Hi DEVs!!

    I have few suggestion about kestrel. Kestrel, as we all know, is not really meant for lethal damage but for utility tool (which is very useful for a NYX players).

    Official thread:

    1. Homing mod (exclusive for Kestrel) - this mod will make a thrown kestrel hit more targets within its flight range by putting a beacon on it making it find/seek limited numbers of enemies and hit them and after it reached the maximum number of homing hits the kestrel will then return to its owner.
    - Advantage:
    -Maximizes the use of its ragdoll effects (great for tower 3 defense when Fusion MOA run towards the POD)
    -Hhmmm I don't know yet...
    (Is this OP?)


    2. …

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    Good Day Everyone!

    Official Thread :

    Good Day Everyone!

    THIS IS THE TOKEN IDEA THAT RUNS AROUND OUR CLAN FOR WEEKS after most of us finished opening all the planets and its locations to acknowledge the effort of opening all the places since currently nothing happens if you do so. It could be a good motivation though. (Completing all the MISSIONS on the SOLAR SYSTEM)

    How about when completing all the missions on the solar system, Lotus would reward you with a "ONE TIME WISH LIST SYSTEM"

    ONE TIME WISH LIST SYSTEM - this would mean, as I've already said, after successfully completing all the missions on the solar system the "LOTUS" would ask y…

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    October 2, 2013 by Kakai0


    I just want to ask something about the THUNDERBOLT mod...

    As we all know that today Thunderbolt is very usefull... Its because of its update/buff lately...

    Prior to Update 9.8, the base damage of Thunderbolt was fixed at 250. This meant mods such as Serration did not increase its damage. Additionally, when it procced, it would replace the arrow's damage. This resulted in lower single target damage than if the arrow did not proc Thunderbolt's effect and dealt 'normal' damage. However, Update 9.8 fixed 'Thunderbolt's explosive damage from trumping impact damage'. Now 'projectile damage is applied first, then chance to to explode is checked.' (Taken from Thunderbolt page)

    In other words, Thunderbolt will not take over bow's da…

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    Good Day Everyone...

    First of all... this is Project Stygian - the ghost frame that I've been working on... Sorry to have this sketch, still working on my adobe photo to be finished. For now, the photo here is just a sample... Im planning of passing my work to the council if it will be finished. I posted this on wiki first so I can gather more information and suggestion about the skin and the skills (should be balanced...)

    so here is my frame..


    name: STYGIAN (Ghost type frame)

    Max Level
    Health: 300
    Power: 225
    Armor: 40
    Shield Capacity: 300
    Sprint Speed: 1.0


    Stygian means dark, gloomy, or hellish

    The name is temporary and I will be open for discussions about th…

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