Boss Fight - Improvements

Hello everyone... For playing like over 100 hours in warframe, I've been observing that most of the boss fight is just Empty-your-mag-fight. Yes, bosses are quite hard to crack (specially Hyena) but the boss fight are just the same. For sophisticated players just like me, we would want more challenging boss fight. Bosses should be feared in other sense. Instead of just emptying your magazine till the boss dies, maybe there would be manuevers during boss fight.

For example, (Just an idea) In fighting J3-Golem. We all know that bastard farts really bad but very avoidable. My idea would be for some time during the fight against this monster, he (J3-Golem) would smug the whole room with green fart that slow the tenno that will be caught with it and lethaly damage the tenno, forcing ninjas to go find a high place to climb. The fart should stay for a while then the boss is invulnerable during that time while the tenno caught in the smug will face either instant death or just near to it. After some time, the smug clears out then back to shooting the boss. This will make the boss fight unique and memorable.

The whole concept would be, in some time during the boss fight, the boss would unlesh a devastating move or attack that needs to be avoided using manuevers and failure to do so may face to instant death or lethal damage.

Another idea... In Endless defense missions. I just thought of adding more colors in this missions. Waves of foes are quite scary and very difficult but for some very specific reasons, having great weapons can just face it with no problem. Yeah the combo of Ancient Toxic, Healer and Disruptor is really terrifying but how about adding a mini boss on every last wave? Maybe like a Fusion on the ancients in one body. That would be very challenging.

Added Idea:
   Maybe in boss fight (corpus bosses)... there will be some time during the fight that the whole room shifts into a trap room with lasers and should be avoided using platform the rises during such time.. Players will have the great oppurtunity to show off ninja manuevers. Upon failure, (hehe) extreme damage will be attained or insta-death... Maybe the boss will have a very fragile state during that time and there will be a final platform to stand and take advantage of the weak state of the boss. (this will probably take a special room designed just for the boss- Jackal's room... more likely like that...)

This campaign is not to push the newbies into doom but for the improvements of the game. Please do be carefull on your comments. We are not suppose to trash on people (maybe on bosses, its allowed..) heheh.


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