Good Day Everyone...

First of all... this is Project Stygian - the ghost frame that I've been working on... Sorry to have this sketch, still working on my adobe photo to be finished. For now, the photo here is just a sample... Im planning of passing my work to the council if it will be finished. I posted this on wiki first so I can gather more information and suggestion about the skin and the skills (should be balanced...)

sorry... ran out of Pastel colors

so here is my frame..


name: STYGIAN (Ghost type frame)

Max Level
Health: 300
Power: 225
Armor: 40
Shield Capacity: 300
Sprint Speed: 1.0


Stygian means dark, gloomy, or hellish

The name is temporary and I will be open for discussions about the name, skin and the skills.


Stydian Version 2

STYGIAN VERSION 2 - Never mind the bow... ^^ I changed the Shoulder thing and the right hand has its AURA...


1. Shadow Wave - casts a wave of black colored aura that deals not really big damage but will slow the targets - can pass through enemies)

2. Possess - Grants the caster to take over target's body for a duration of time. (Execption - Bosses) (The effect would be that the frame will turn into black smoke then gets inside the body of the target. Upon reaching the timelimit, the caster will be pushed out of the target's body. Possible to cancel the skill even though the caster is already inside the target's body...) Upon death of the host (enemy's body), the caster will be knock off the target and will obtain damage - maybe % will be the base damage of this like 10% of the total health of the target upon death will be deducted to the caster health - hmmm maybe direct damage to health...)

3. Deep Sleep (revised)- (aggro effect) Fogs the button floor with black smoke (limited in-game meters) causing everything that steps on it will be slowed and be BLINDED causing the enemies to attack the air (hmmm crzy shooting)... (is aggro effect still needed?)

4. (Revised) Can't Think of a name yet - Releases a big floating orb (twice the size of the Roller) with smoky dark aura that travels like the Nova's anti-mater drop but the effect would be it aborbs few % of health points from the enemy as it travels (more enemy - more damage) then when reached a time duration (maturation of the orb) it will explode do deal damage to the area... surviving enemy after massive explosion will be petrified for some time. Has base damage addd by absorbed health points from enemies. While the orb is absorbing hp from enemies, enemies under this situation will be stunned - light enemies might die during the absurption of the orb.

4. Calling - Summons a big shadow-like figure that has a Reaper (more like a Grim Reaper) then swings it to deal extreme damage. (has base damage and can only hit targets infront of the caster and forth)

Open for discussion...

Can I take ideas from you guys about the skin? Thanks!




  • Side effects on the skills (not all...) - cause targets to loose some % on accuracy (grineer and corpus probably...) (suggested by someone anonymous and I thought it was great... but cant really decide which skill/s will have it...)
  • On deep sleep - makes the enemy blind and will attack the air... (crazy shooting for grineer and corpus)
  • On Deep Sleep - Rename it to Eternal Slumber
  • On Shadow Wave - Rename it to Unlesh Fear
  • Interchange 3rd and 4th skills

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