Good Everyone!
Hi DEVs!!

I have few suggestion about kestrel. Kestrel, as we all know, is not really meant for lethal damage but for utility tool (which is very useful for a NYX players).

Official thread:

1. Homing mod (exclusive for Kestrel) - this mod will make a thrown kestrel hit more targets within its flight range by putting a beacon on it making it find/seek limited numbers of enemies and hit them and after it reached the maximum number of homing hits the kestrel will then return to its owner.
- Advantage:
-Maximizes the use of its ragdoll effects (great for tower 3 defense when Fusion MOA run towards the POD)
-Hhmmm I don't know yet...
(Is this OP?)


2. Make a DUAL Kestrel
-Shorter flight range
-smaller damage
-Still can ragdoll
-2 flying projectiles meaning...more possibilities of hitting more enemies and get ragdolled
(I guess the animation would be throwing one kestrel on the right hand first then the left hand throws the second projectile - same as what throwing knives are done...right-left throws)
-Glaive users will ask for a dual wield too... hehe Seriously now. It will overthrown the original Kestrel if this one gets on the game.

What do you think?


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