Good Day Everyone!

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Good Day Everyone!

THIS IS THE TOKEN IDEA THAT RUNS AROUND OUR CLAN FOR WEEKS after most of us finished opening all the planets and its locations to acknowledge the effort of opening all the places since currently nothing happens if you do so. It could be a good motivation though. (Completing all the MISSIONS on the SOLAR SYSTEM)

How about when completing all the missions on the solar system, Lotus would reward you with a "ONE TIME WISH LIST SYSTEM"

ONE TIME WISH LIST SYSTEM - this would mean, as I've already said, after successfully completing all the missions on the solar system the "LOTUS" would ask you for a most desired mod that you haven't acquired (like split chamber) and will increase the drop rate on your character UNTIL you acquire such MOD.

This would represent as a TOKEN of acknowledgement for such effort.
How about that?

I hope this TOKEN idea for people who have completed all the missions on the solar system reaches the DEV (Completing all the MISSIONS on the SOLAR SYSTEM). Im not pushing for another stalker to come. .JUST THE TOKEN IDEA..


Another suggestion... Still a TOKEN idea of my clanmates..

So most of us here like this dude "Stalker" to come around except the newbies. He comes at you saying you killed this boss and he will avenge that and for some even do it and still he comes at you..TAUNTING you. Well for me, it was fun kicking his ass with not really a GODLY weapon. The fun faded away when good weapons have introduced.

Is it time for another version of Stalker to come around?...but comes with stronger arsenal and tougher to kill...

Maybe this guy/gal will only be hunting tenno after an individual completed all the missions in the solar system. After 100hours of playing, we all might have done it. Same mechanic for spamming this guy/gal as the stalker but only for those who have opened all locations in the planet.

MAYBE THE DROPS WOULD BE SWEET CAKE!!!??? I mean the most rare and elusive mods in the game and not just REACH MOD (I dreadfully hate when that despaired Stalker drops mods like that) He/she might drop the almighty SPLIT CHAMBER... Or the FLOW or Charged Chamber and so for other most elusive rare mods.

It should be a TOKEN for people who have competed all the missions in the solar system. The drops maybe very sweet but it could be countered by having small percentage of spamming this MONSTER.

OPEN for comments.


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