This might have existed already but I just wanna share and collect ideas on the mobs that we face everytime we go into a mission...

top 10 TROLLS in the game:

1. Roller (even 2 or 3 of them are very annoying)
2. Scorpion (String-drag you even behind closed doors? - then end up with bunch of her brothers? - you know whats next..)
3. Commander (scenario: Frame: yeah... extraction point *rush-rush* then came this bastard switch tp you everywhere - grrr)
4. Disruptor (The sneaky back-door-striker...)
5. Fusion MOA (the laser beam then the drone??? - you know whats next...)
6. Stalker (Not much of a troll for well equiped frames, nightmares for newbies)
7. Hyena (drops Ferrite instead of Control Module after extensive shooting? s***!)
8. Napalm and Bombard (hehehe you know WHY?)
9. Grineer Heavy Gunners (these girls can be a very big problem when they sprint to you in numbers...)
10. LOKI!!! (this addresses to Loki users who love to switch tp a teammate to a place where you can be stocked or being slapped with a gang of ancients)

You can agree or share your own list... This can be a thread on how to effectively face these TROLLS in the game as te thread progress...


User's other Trolls:

Top 10: Vauban's Vortex and Nova's Worm hole

Do you AGREE with this? just say YES or NO on your comment...


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