With U10 being up for almost a week, I've been getting a lot of new stuff. Some that I like and some that I don't. One mod i got recently from transmuting was this mod called Quick Thinking. If you haven't seen or heard of it I'll give you a brief summary. When your warframe's health reaches 0, it converts your remaining energy back in to health, from 40% up to 240% depending on mod rank.

It's basically a mod that can save your life assuming you have energy. It usually becomes a one time thing because after that lifesaving your energy is now depleted, rendering more lifesaving impossible.

That's where Rage comes in to play. It gives you 40% of health lost back as energy, at max rank. Combining these two mods can give you a sort of pseudo-invulnerability, outliving things far beyond reason.

I decided to give this setup a try since I already had the Rage mod. I decided to use it on my Nekros since it already had the matching polarities, making it easier to fit on my frame (I also tried this on my Nyx with slightly less effectiveness).

Nekros Rage Quick Thinking build

As you can see I have Quick Thinking on the D polarity slot and Rage right below it, both maxed. I have a Vitality on there, for a bigger health pool to get energy from. I also have a maxed Flow and a maxed Energy Siphon. Flow for a bigger energy pool to restore HP from and Energy Siphon to replenish even more lost energy. The rest is just my personal choice and isn't really necessary for the build itself.

So after I've tested it for a day, I've been able to live; Ogris explosion close range, meleeing Toxic Ancients until they die repeatedly and a whole barrage of continuous drone fire.

So to list some of the pros and cons of this mod setup:

+ Grants a pseudo-invulnerability

+ Not going down = easier for teammates who don't have to revive you

+ Convenient for solo play (No wasting of revives)

+ Promotes reckless behavior

- Hard to acquire and rank mods needed

- Uses up several modslots and modpoints

- Occasionally stuns you when Quick Thinking revives you, can send you in to a stunlock

- Gets less effective after consecutive uses in a short period of time

- Discourages usage of powers to preserve energy

- Have to revive your teammates when they can't withstand the same punishment as you

- Ancient Disruptors destroys this combo

- Promotes reckless behavior

So I've been having a ton of fun with this, being able to be as reckless as I possibly can with the fewest repercussions with my playstyle.

What do you think of this, stupid or stupidly brilliant? Let me know what you think or if you have tried something similar yourself.

EDIT: After using this combo for some days now, I haven't been downed since.

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